New tropical storm record will fall upon US: which States are under threat

The National hurricane center (NHC) reported that Isaias (pronounced “Isaias”) became the ninth named storm in 2020, formed on Wednesday, July 29, over the Caribbean sea. This writes CNN.

Новый тропический шторм-рекордсмен обрушится на США: какие штаты под угрозой

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According to the NHC, the storm carries sustained winds of 50 mph (80.5 km/h), extending up to 345 miles (555 km/h), and currently it is located about 155 miles (250 km) South of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

It is projected that Isaias will fall on the South of the Dominican Republic to noon on Thursday, July 30, and then reaches Florida on the weekend, on 1 and 2 August.

While it is not clear how strong will the storm when close to Florida, and where it will come ashore.

Some forecast models show a weak storm on the West coast of Florida, others point to a much stronger storm that may strike the East side of the state and move to the South and North Carolina.

How a storm will behave on the island of Hispaniola, may affect its further development.

“Possible trajectory will determine the strength of the storm Isaias and potential development, said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers. — The path of the storm passing over the water will allow it to grow. Path extending over the earth, and the mountains of Hispaniola and Cuba will help to break it into pieces.”

However, as soon as the storm will travel over warm water, it can quickly grow, as it did with hurricane Hanna last weekend.

Новый тропический шторм-рекордсмен обрушится на США: какие штаты под угрозой


Warning tropical storm

The rain will be the main issue in the next few days. 3 to 6 inches (or 7.6 to 15 cm) of precipitation may fall in the virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Eastern Cuba and Northern Haiti. The southeastern Bahamas will receive 4 to 8 inches (10 — 20cm) rain. This can lead to flash flooding, landslides and potential exit of the river banks.

Warnings about tropical storms issued for Puerto Rico, US and British virgin Islands just North and South coast of the Dominican Republic and the Northern coast of Haiti from Le Mole St Nicholas to the border with the Dominican Republic. In the areas of prevention of expected tropical storm winds.

Новый тропический шторм-рекордсмен обрушится на США: какие штаты под угрозой


Why is this phenomenon called “potential tropical cyclone 9”

Now, when he was given the name Isaias is the earliest storm that begins with the letter “I”. The previous record was set on 7 August 2005.

Isaias continues record pace of hurricane season 2020 in the Atlantic. Hurricane Hannah broke the record early in the storm named “N”.

Warnings about tropical storm appeared even before it was formed. According to CNN meteorologist Chad Myers, the reason why it was called “potential tropical cyclone 9”, is that the storm did not have a clear center of circulation. Instead, the weather system was stretched.

“When, finally, formed a circular center, it was called a tropical storm,” explained Myers.

But even as “potential tropical cyclone 9”, a storm threatened the coasts sufficiently in order to be able to issue warnings about the danger.



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