New York police officer seized the children, the immigrant wives and tortured to death 8-year-old son

30 January in Melville on long island, buried 8-year-old boy Thomas the Valve, the son of a new York police officer Michael Valvil and his wife, a Polish immigrant Justina Zubko-Valve. The boy, who suffers from autism, have frozen to death in the garage in his father’s house, where the child left the father and his partner, writes The Daily Mail. Before that, according to police, the boy was starved and beaten.

В Нью-Йорке полицейский отобрал детей у жены-иммигрантки и замучил до смерти 8-летнего сына

Portrait of a boy on the table from his mother. Photo: a video frame YouTube/CBS New York

It turned out that earlier, the mother of Thomas was submitted to the court documents, which warned that her children were subjected to neglect and ill-treatment by the Michael’s Valve and his bride. In September 2017, the judge gave Michael the Valve custody of the three boys, children of Michael and Justina, and even forbade Justine to see her children.

As writes the Sun, it is unclear why Justin lost custody of the boys, but she suggested that the fact that she is a Polish immigrant, was counted against her at the hearing and that she was at a disadvantage because she did not have a lawyer.

“He’s going to kill my children,” it is reported that these words Justin said Kimberly Behrens, who led the school Fit Learning, where he taught her autistic children. Perturbed Behrens then sent a letter to the judge, but she reportedly did not get anything in return.

“It is amazing that she was the most devoted mother,” said Behrens.

“I worked with Anthony for two years and have seen Justino every day. She didn’t neglect any aspect of the lives of these boys, and Michael the Valve I did not see in school,” said Director of the school.

В Нью-Йорке полицейский отобрал детей у жены-иммигрантки и замучил до смерти 8-летнего сына

Justin Zubko-Valve. Photo: a video frame YouTube/CBS New York

When Michael Valve got custody of the children, he took them out of school Learning Fit.

Two months after Michael Valve got custody of the children, Justin filed its first complaint against the dismissive treatment of children. The mother claimed that the Michael’s Valve and his bride Angela Pollina abused children physically and emotionally. In her complaint said that the children were starved and they were not allowed to see her mother.

Justin told the newspaper that her complaint was closed after two days without investigation.

Another complaint was filed against the Valve and Pollini to child protective services in January 2019 an employee of the school. It said 7-year-old Thomas came to school with “swollen and blackened eye.” The report also stated that “the house of Thomas has been subjected to physical violence,its appearance and black eye is suspicious because of the contradictory explanations”.

In this report, Thomas and Anthony were listed as “abused”.

В Нью-Йорке полицейский отобрал детей у жены-иммигрантки и замучил до смерти 8-летнего сына

The garage in which the child died. Photo: a video frame YouTube/CBS New York

Despite the claim, the child protective services came to the conclusion that the situation “did not reach the level of immediate or impending danger of serious harm”. The Agency did not intervene.

A month was filed another complaint. At this time, school officials claimed that Anthony came to school “with a backpack soaked in urine”.

“Anthony remains in the garage, its not allowed in the room because he pees in his bed. Due to the fact that the child urinates, he stinks and he’s very cold,” the official said in the complaint.

Three more complaints were filed in March, may and August, but nothing was done.

Thomas, who had autism, died on January 17, under the tutelage of his father, 40-year-old Michael Valvil, and his bride, the 42-year-old Pollini.

Since they were both charged with second-degree murder, but denied any violation of their parental responsibilities.

It is alleged that the boy was forced to sleep in an unheated garage in the couple’s home when the temperature dropped below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (of -2.2 Celsius).

Thomas was buried on Thursday, January 30. During the funeral service of Bishop Andrzej Spasevski said: “Thomas was just a little boy. He just wanted to be loved, wanted to cuddle him, wanted his cherished, he wanted to be a wanted child. It was a gift. Little boy, thank you for the gift. Thank you for the gift of life. I’m sorry that it was too short for you. But I thank you for your beautiful life.”

В Нью-Йорке полицейский отобрал детей у жены-иммигрантки и замучил до смерти 8-летнего сына

Michael Valve. Photo: a video frame YouTube/CBS New York

The Bishop, who baptized Thomas and delivered a sermon at his funeral, told mourners that his story should encourage social change. He noted that the legal and social system failed to protect this child.

“A beautiful life was lost because of our human negligence, and in many ways I feel that we failed this little boy, — he said. — The system has failed… We, religious and community leaders, we failed him because we should make changes. We are the ones who should protect life.”

Death of Thomas led to the investigation of the Department of social services regarding how considered the allegations of ill-treatment of children in relation to the pair Valve and Pollini.

Around 9:40 am on January 17 representatives of the authorities came to the house, where lived Thomas, after calling his father, who said that the child fell and lost consciousness on the way to the school bus. Police discovered that the Valve was conducted resuscitation on the child in the basement. The boy was taken to hospital where he was declared dead.

Valve and his bride collected donations on the GoFundMe page after the boy’s death.

В Нью-Йорке полицейский отобрал детей у жены-иммигрантки и замучил до смерти 8-летнего сына

Angela Pollina. Photo: a video frame YouTube/CBS New York

They were charged with his murder after autopsy showed that Thomas died of hypothermia.

According to police, the cameras and microphones that were installed in the house Michael Valvil, captured him and Angela, mocks Thomas. The data of the audio files showed that a couple of soap of the child with cold water, boy was laying face down on the concrete and laughed at the fact that he can’t move.

Pollin said: “You know why he falls?”.

Valve replied: “Because he’s cold… (loud laughter)…”.

After the death of the brothers of Thomas were placed under the guardianship of their mother. Daughter Pollini was given custody of their biological father.

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