New Zealand airline plans to install beds in economy class in the plane on long-haul flights

Air New Zealand has announced that it plans to install special beds in economy class for some of its long-haul flights, but it will take more than a year. About it writes The Guardian.

Новозеландская авиакомпания планирует установить кровати в эконом классе в самолете на дальнемагистральных перелетах

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The airline said Wednesday that he filed applications for patents and trademarks for what she calls Economy Skynest. Skynest will contain six full-size capsules for sleep length 200 cm and width 58 cm. There will be three levels of beds and two beds on each level.

Every bed that resembles the design of the hotel-the capsule will be accompanied by a full-sized pillow, sheets and blankets, earplugs and a curtain to ensure privacy. Air New Zealand is still evaluating whether the opportunity to include other features such as USB socket and reading lamp.

Senior Manager, marketing and customer service Mike Todd stated that these beds will be installed in some of the longest flights by Air New Zealand, including flight from Auckland to new York, which will be launched in 2021 flight would take approximately 17 hours and 40 minutes.

Todd said that when this route is started, then the airline will decide whether it was necessary on to install Skynest.

The cost of Skynest for customers has not yet been determined, but it will be different from the cost of booking space on the flight.

“The concept was developed in the form of a capsule, — said the representative of the airline. But passengers will continue to be the place in economy class for part of the flight.”

Customers will be able to book a bed for some time, and not for the whole flight, and flight attendants will clean capsules for each new passenger.

The airline must register their technology in regulatory authorities, before you commit to first flight.

“Is the goal, which is to seek, and, in our opinion, it is able to change the rules of travel in economy class in all airlines around the world,” — said the representative of the airline Air New Zealand Kerry Reeves.

Air New Zealand declares that, if approved, product will be opened for licensing Skynest other airlines.

According to the calculator the carbon dioxide emissions of the UN, flight Auckland-new York leads to 650 kg of CO2 emissions per passenger.

Seats in economy class on long-haul flights, which will be launched in 2023 between Sydney and London and Sydney and new York, will be slightly larger with additional 3 cm in width, than the present.

Air New Zealand is not the first airline that tries to change air travel for passengers.

In 2019 Collins Aerospace announced the creation of “social self-service areas”, in which the doorways of the aircraft will stand snacks and drinks for passengers so they can chat and eat during the flight.

Innovation has allowed Collins Aerospace to take a seat in the finals of the Crystal Cabin Awards 2019 — the innovation awards in the interior of aircraft with Airbus, which announced plans for the introduction of beds in the cargo decks of their aircraft. Projects included living room, meeting room, area health services and children’s and family area built on the lower deck of the Airbus.

However, not all the proposals were so well received. In 2012 the plan of Ryanair to sell tickets for standing passengers, the aircraft equipped with special grips and straps, was cancelled after the regulators did not allow the airline to test their designs.

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