Newsom called the date of the lifting of the quarantine in California: what to prepare residents

Governor of California Gavin Newsom announced that the state will begin to weaken quarantine because of coronavirus in the coming days, writes NPR.

Ньюсом назвал дату снятия карантина в Калифорнии: к чему готовиться жителям

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Governor Gavin Newsom announced that California will allow some retailers to resume work with the changes on Friday, may 8, on the background of the encouraging statistics testing for coronavirus.

“We are entering the next phase this week, said the news at a press briefing on Monday, 4 may. — This is a very positive sign, and it happened for only one reason: the data say that it can happen.”

According to the Governor, in the number of such enterprises will include shopping of books, clothing, toys and sporting goods and music stores and florists.

This phase will include shopping centres, offices or table service in restaurants.

Those businesses that can resume work on may 8, will have to comply with restrictions such as physical distancing and limiting the delivery of orders. According to Newsom, may 7 will be published detailed instructions for the second phase of opening businesses in the state.

Newsome announced that the second stage involves giving local officials greater flexibility to open businesses. But these regional plans must be certified and meet the “criteria that include the ability to test and track data, ability to physical distancing and sanitation, as well as the ability to protect the most vulnerable residents in the community”, including the elderly, the homeless and prisoners.

This statement was made after several difficult weeks in the state: unemployment reached a record level, Newsom chided visitors to the beaches because they did not pay attention to the orders of distancing, local officials expressed frustration with the orders on the need to stay home and the closure of beaches, as the state protests erupted. Over the last couple of days three rural districts in Northern California have continued to work on the opening parts of its economy without the approval of Newsom.

Newsome adhered to the key ideas that were stressed since like 6 weeks ago came into force the orders about the need to stay at home: any political decision taken in relation to the pandemic, based on information and scientific data.

The number of Californians who hospitalized for mers stabilized, the state of “progressing” in the equipment of individual protection; and, according to Dr. Sonia Angell, Director of the California Department of health, has increased testing capabilities, the number of hospital beds and medical ventilators.

Newsom also announced a partnership with the University of California, San Francisco and Los Angeles for more effective contact tracing. According to Newsom, the goal is to strengthen the public health system in the state with 3,000 new tracking tools a week.

The Governor stressed that the main strategy for California in a pandemic is testing, tracking and quarantine of people with COVID-19. Only 23 of the 58 counties are currently conducting contact tracing.

Newsom stressed that the announced changes of 4 may not be suitable for everyone; in his words, as the pandemic continues, some districts may require restrictions, and other regions will be able to move forward.

“We’re not talking local that is too early or too quickly to change anything, he said. — We believe that those local communities, which have separate terms must have the ability to move subject to those terms”.

The Governor also warned that in case of renewal cases of coronavirus, the state may suspend the gradual opening.





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