Next week predict the first snow in this season (PHOTOS)

На следующей неделю прогнозируют первый снег в этом сезоне  (ФОТО)

If you were looking forward to the time when Toronto will get their first snowfall, it seems, you wait.

According to the weather network, next Thursday, November 7, the city will come the first snowfall.

In accordance with the forecast at the moment the temperature rises above 4C, during the day sleet is expected, but of course, in a week everything can change.

So, in one of the forecasts said that the first snowfall will be tonight, on Halloween.

Fortunately, in the heavenly office, this forecast is not approved, but the weather tonight will still be not the most pleasant.

Now in relation to Toronto there is a special forecast, and it says: “On Halloween the expected heavy rain and gusty wind.”

Residents warn that by the end of this evening in Toronto may fall 30 to 50 mm of precipitation as rain, and tonight and through Friday morning are expected to be gusts of wind which speed will reach 70-80 km/h.

And according to meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg, there is a small chance that in some areas of the greater Toronto area in the period from tonight until tomorrow it may snow.

But regardless of whether we will see it tonight or next week, it’s safe to say that in the near future with the snow in Toronto deficit is not expected.