NFL fan injured in scuffle

NFL fan injured during scuffle


A fan was injured following a battle between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers on Wednesday during joint practice. 

According to ESPN, it was a tackle by Pats defensive lineman Deatrich Wise Jr. who sparked the fire. The latter knocked ball carrier Christian McCaffrey to the ground when he had left the limits of the field. Frustrated, the running back threw the ball at his rival. A general melee ensued.

During this, Wise Jr. came across a supporter of his team. The victim had swelling in one of his feet. In order to compensate him, the Patriots offered him tickets to a game. Wise Jr. and McCaffrey also apologized to him.

It was also the second scrum of this collective training. Panthers defensive back Kenny Robinson was ejected from the field by his coach after taunting wide receiver Kristian Wilkerson, who was on the floor. The representative of the Patriots injured his leg on the sequence.