NFL: place for the rivalry of the hour

NFL: Place at the rivalry of the hour


KANSAS CITY | The Bills and Chiefs are about to write another chapter in their growing rivalry of the past few years. Two teams that aspire to great honours. Two quarterbacks in Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes who inspire a new generation of players. Two strong organizations in passionate football markets. You couldn't ask for more.

The Bills and Chiefs lead their respective divisions with identical 4-1 records and are still capable of producing plenty of sparks. 

< p>The Journal is on hand in Kansas City as the duel approaches. A tension worthy of the playoffs is easily palpable, even if everyone tries to make believe that it is only  the next game on the calendar.  

Enough with clichés, for fans screwed to the TV, it will clearly not be the ideal match to go to the bathroom or to take the wings out of the oven. A touchdown happened so quickly!

Patrick Mahomes gives instructions to his receivers during his game on Monday

Since Allen and Mahomes have been in charge, the two clans have faced each other four times. The Chiefs have had the upper hand on three occasions, but there have been only 11 points difference in total in the four meetings. On average, the Chiefs scored 31.5 points to the Bills' 28.8. It promises ! Especially considering that the last matchup on January 23, in the second round of the playoffs, is considered one of the most spectacular in NFL history. The Chiefs won 42-36 in overtime and 25 points had been scored by both sides in the last two minutes of regular time. 

Great respect 

For nearly 15 years, fans have been blessed with the Brady-Manning rivalry, which has resulted in 17 games. The one between Allen and Mahomes is obviously not at the same stage, but it could very well become. 

This season, Allen leads the NFL with 1,651 yards and 16 total touchdowns (passing and rushing). Mahomes is fourth with 1,398 yards and first with 15 touchdowns.

“When you're up against the best quarterbacks in the league, you always want to win. Josh is a great guy and a great quarterback,” Mahomes said yesterday at a press conference about the one he got to know more on a personal level during the offseason.

“He can throw, he can run, he can really do anything. On the pitch, we are very competitive, but I have a ton of respect for him, both as a player and as an individual,” he added.

Even his boss, coach -chef Andy Reid, is happy to see Allen enjoy such success, even if he will be public enemy number one on Sunday.

When the quarterback was drafted, many derided the Bills on the grounds that their trusted man had seen too little credible opposition in Wyoming and lacked accuracy.

“We all heard the stories that he couldn’t do this or that well coming out of college. In that time, we always hope that the targeted guy will be able to silence his detractors by becoming better. He is basically a good player, very tough physically and athletic. In addition, he had the chance to be well developed and managed in Buffalo, said the mustachioed pilot. 

Match like any other?

In their various press briefings of the day, the Bills players did everything to minimize the special nature of this meeting. Allen, however, did not hide how much the prospect of another duel against Mahomes and his gang stimulates him.

“As a football fan, I love watching him play. He is also a special person. We have this opportunity to go and face him there in a superb football environment… But apart from that, it's a normal match, “he insisted on specifying.

A normal match like this, we would take tons of them. 

Explosive attacks this season


  • Bills 30.4 (2nd rank)  
  • Chiefs 31.8 (1st rank)
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    • Bills 440.4 (1st rank)
    • Chiefs 381.4 (6th rank)


    • Bills 324 (1st rank)  
    • Chiefs 267 .2 (4th rank)


    • Bills 55.7% (1st rank)  
    • Chiefs 52.5% (2nd rank)


    • Bills 55.6% (21st rank)
    • Chiefs 78.3% (3rd rank)


    • Bills 6.7 (1st rank) 
    • Chiefs 5.8 (9th rank) 

    Roughness against quarterbacks in the penalty box

    The hottest controversy in the NFL, questionable penalties awarded for roughing quarterbacks, is is invited to Kansas City as everywhere else in anticipation of the duel at the top between the Bills and the Chiefs.

    When two high-profile quarterbacks like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are featured, it's hard to ignore this storm with them. 

    On Sunday, the Buccaneers took advantage of a highly questionable roughing penalty to tackle Grady Jarrett against Tom Brady to continue their offensive streak by finally saving himself with the win over the Falcons.

    Chris Jones was called for roughing the quarterback on that play Monday night.

    Monday night, the duel between Chiefs and Raiders raised anger across the NFL, when tackle Chris Jones was penalized for knocking Derek Carr to the ground. 

    The referee ruled that he had put too much of his body weight on the pivot.

    Mahomes calls for calm

    With the outcry raised in both cases, the NFL plans to consider quarterback roughing penalties at the next owners meeting.

    Mahomes, for his part, did not want to add fuel to the fire.< /p>

    ” They're trying to find a balance between protecting quarterbacks and letting everyone play football.  

    ” We just had a bad week in penalties for roughing up against quarterbacks, but looking at the big picture, the league and the officials have done a good job of that over the past few years. I'm sure they will have learned from those situations,” he said.

    For his part, Chris Jones advocated for a video replay in the case of some questionable roughing penalties.

    “This is the next step this league needs to take. I don't need the referee's explanations.  

    “ What can I do? Ask him how do I quit? I'm doing my best. I weigh 325 lbs. I run at full speed to try to catch the quarterback. What do you want me to do?” he asked.

    Elsewhere in the league, on social media, many star defensive players were outraged.

    “The NFL is terrible. Change the rules or play seven-a-side football,” said Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons in particular. At the idea of ​​making penalties for roughing the quarterback eligible for video replay, a few players raised doubts. This is the case, among others, of Josh Allen.

    “There are several other offenses that are called arbitrarily. Personal fouls, unnecessary roughness, instances of unsportsmanlike conduct and even penalties for holding…Referees do the best they can to enforce the rules.

    “Is it that we are going to start appealing all the penalties for withholding? You can take it a number of ways, but maybe the best solution is just to let the players play. This is football.