NFL: the crazy rebirth of Geno Smith with the Seahawks

NFL: Geno Smith's crazy revival with the Seahawks


It's impossible to know if Geno Smith's beautiful story will last or if it will be a distant memory in a few weeks, but for now, impossible to ignore. After six seasons in purgatory, at 32, the quarterback is living his hour of glory, and the Seahawks are taking the opportunity to defy all odds.

The Seahawks show an astonishing record of 4-3, which many saw however languishing in the shallows this season. After all, the rebuilding message couldn't be clearer after two of their great leaders of the last few years, quarterback Russell Wilson and linebacker Bobby Wagner, left.

Wilson was adored, but philosophical differences with head coach Pete Carroll have become irreconcilable.

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He was traded a fourth-round pick to the Broncos for two first-round picks (2022 and 2023), two second-round picks (2022 and 2023), a fifth-round pick, tight end Noah Fant, the defensive end Shelby Harris and quarterback Drew Lock.

The fact that Lock, a 2019 second-round pick, was involved in this trade could make it seem like even the Seahawks didn't have faith in Geno Smith.

Surprise Outbreak

Smith was selected by the Jets in 2013. After two more than ordinary seasons as a starting quarterback, he was relegated to the bench. Beginning in 2017, he dragged his bundle from the Jets to the Giants, then the Chargers and finally to the Seahawks.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – SEPTEMBER 22: Quarterback Geno Smith #7 of the New York Jets throws a pass in the 1st half of the Jets game against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium on September 22, 2013 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Ron Antonelli/Getty Images/AFP

In all this time, there was never any question of him leaving. He was never even in competition for this role until last summer.

In 2018, he attempted four assists in the entire season. In 2019, he didn't even see the field in his rookie season with the Seahawks.

The team today can laugh in their beards and speak highly of Smith, but he was literally impossible to imagine the current scenario.

The left behind claims 11 touchdown passes and three interceptions. Its efficiency coefficient (rating) of 107.7 places him just behind guns Patrick Mahomes (109.5) and Josh Allen (109.1).

He completed 73.5% of his passes, a record in the circuit. And it's not like he inflates his stats with short safe passes. Geno Smith won by an average of eight yards gained per pass attempt.

It's just hard to believe the story is so impossible.

Spectacular vintage

Best of all, Smith is far from alone in this Seahawks revival. We were talking to you a week ago about the rise of the Jets with their recruits. The Seahawks have absolutely nothing to envy in this regard with five rookies playing as starters.

Runner Kenneth Walker III has led the NFL since Week 5 with 353 rushing yards. He runs behind blockers Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas, who are doing very well. The two cornerbacks Coby Bryant and Tariq Woolen, fourth and fifth round picks respectively, are sublime. Bryant leads his peers with four fumbles while Woolen is tied for the lead with four interceptions.

Kenneth Walker III

That's how quickly a franchise can turn around despite perceptions. This crop of rookies and upcoming picks in the next draft have the Seahawks laughing their heads off after trading Wilson, who is looking for his bearings in Denver.

Maybe reality will hit in a few weeks and Geno will once again be the Geno everyone has been waiting for. One thing is certain, the Seahawks are very well positioned for the future.



< strong>MY CHOICE

  • Baltimore to Tampa Bay RAVENS



  • Denver to Jacksonville (London) (9:30 a.m.) BRONCOS
  • Caroline to Atlanta (1pm) FALCONS
  • Chicago to Dallas (1pm) COWBOYS
  • Miami to Detroit (1pm) DOLPHINS
  • < li dir="auto">Arizona to Minnesota (1pm) VIKINGS

  • Las Vegas to New Orleans (1pm) RAIDERS
  • New -England at NY Jets (1pm) PATRIOTS
  • Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (1pm) EAGLES
  • Tennessee at Houston (4:05pm) TITANS
  • Washington at Indianapolis (4:25 p.m.) COLTS
  • San Francisco at LA Rams (4:25 p.m.) 49ERS
  • NY Giants at Seattle (4:25 p.m.) SEAHAWKS
  • Green Bay at Buffalo (8:20 p.m.) BILLS< /li>



  • Cincinnati at Cleveland (8:15 p.m.) BENGALS

*Teams off: Chargers, Chiefs

LAST WEEK RESULTS: 9 in 14 (64.3%)

RESULTS THIS SEASON: 67 in 108 (62%)


Denver Broncos vs (2-5) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5)

STILL IN LONDON< /p>Russell Wilson

Everything has been said about the moribund Broncos offense. This week, Russell Wilson returned to action, but the way he was playing, it's not like it's comforting news. The Broncos need to use him more in space, outside the line of scrimmage. And Wilson must clear off with his legs by bringing back the mobility of his game. At the Jags, Trevor Lawrence continues his season punctuated by ups and downs. The Broncos defense will keep him in a dip.

  • Broncos by 2

< em>Carolina Panthers (2-5) vs Atlanta Falcons (3-4)


Marcus Mariota

For the Falcons, there is no great mystery in their approach. They run, they run and when they're done running, they run again. Only three teams run more than them in the NFL. This tactic is predictable, yet effective, averaging 156.9 rushing yards per game. It is to be applied against a good defense, but remains difficult against the run. The Panthers were invigorated by quarterback PJ Walker's play, but the effect could quickly wear off.

  • Falcons by 7

Chicago Bears (3-4) vs. Dallas Cowboys (5-2)


Justin Fields

Finally, the Bears' big offensive thinkers pulled out all the stops to mold their approach around Justin Fields' special strengths, rather than asking their young quarterback to bend to their old ways. The approach paid off against the Patriots, but it will be difficult to repeat the blow against the faster and more explosive defense of the Cowboys, who will be able to contain their momentum. The Cowboys offense should pick up in Dak Prescott's second game since his injury.

  • Cowboys by 9

Miami Dolphins (4-3) vs Detroit Lions (1-5)


Dan Campbell

The Lions haven't scored a touchdown in their last two games. The offense has been charitable at will by committing nine turnovers in the last three games. In short, football of very poor quality. The Dolphins defense generally plays well. She's had her share of trouble on the ground against mobile quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen, which have helped skew the odds. Faced with a Jared Goff with feet in the cement, everything should be under control. 

  • Dolphins par 7

Arizona Cardinals (3-4) vs Minnesota Vikings (5-1)


DeAndre Hopkins

The difference was significant last week for the Cardinals offense with the return of receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Kyler Murray has a real target. The Vikings accumulate victories, but often without conviction. The potential for a surprise is therefore very real. That said, defensively, the Cardinals just gave up 494 yards to an injury-ravaged Saints. At home, the Mauves will hit hard with the Jeffersons and Thielens. 

  • Vikings by 6

Las Vegas Raiders (2-4) vs New Orleans Saints (2-5)< /strong>


Josh Jacobs

Four times this season, the Saints have given up 135 or more rushing yards. In the Raiders, carrier Josh Jacobs looks at that stat and feels orgasmic bliss. In his last three games, he's taken control with 441 rushing yards and six touchdowns. Although Saints quarterback Jameis Winston is healthy, it is with Andy Dalton that they are coming back to the charge. And three for the Raiders.

  • Raiders by 3

Patriots New England Jets (3-4) vs New York Jets (5-2)



The Patriots have won their 12 games against the Jets. Last season, they had the upper hand 79-19 overall in both games. Bill Belichick, secretive before the eternal, no longer even hides his legendary disdain for this division rival. The fact remains that the Jets of the present are no longer those of the past and another humiliation seems impossible. Mac Jones gets another chance to extinguish any debate about Patriots quarterbacks.

  • Patriots by 4

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-5) vs Philadelphia Eagles (6-0)


Matt Canada

The Steelers have become dangerously predictable. The ground game does not work and the opposing defenses do not fear aerial play, which does not bring a vertical threat. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada has no imagination and tries to protect his young quarterback Kenny Pickett with short runs that don't exploit the midfield or the skills of talented receivers after the catch. The Eagles will remain undefeated. 

  • Eagles by 10

Tennessee Titans (4-2) vs Houston Texans (1- 4-1)


Derrick Henry

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is expected to play despite an ankle injury, but even if he's not 100%, he'll be able to get the ball back to Derrick Henry. The big carrier has always enjoyed hurting the Texans with 1,035 yards in 10 games against them. The Texans are horrible against the run right now, who are in the basement for that purpose. When Henry has rushed for 100 yards since 2020, the Titans are 15-3. 

  • Titans by 9

Washington Commanders (3-4) vs. Indianapolis Colts (3-3-1)


Sam Ehlinger

Goodbye Matt Ryan, hello Sam Ehlinger. The quarterback selected in the sixth round of the 2021 draft will make his debut with the Colts. The Commanders defense hasn't given up more than 217 passing yards in its last four games, but that's against anemic air attacks, including the Packers (17th), Bears (32nd), Titans (29th) and Cowboys (27th). A quarterback change sometimes brings a refreshing current to the troops. Call it the Ehlinger effect.

  • Colts by 1

49ers San Francisco (3-4) vs Los Angeles Rams (3-3)


Christian McCaffrey

Will the Rams, fresh and ready after their bye week, finally find a way to beat the 49ers? Sean McVay's squad have lost their last seven regular season games to the Niners. A significant impact is to be expected for carrier Christian McCaffrey, acquired last week. He had a slight start on Sunday, but will be used a lot tomorrow. With the Panthers two weeks ago against the Rams, he had totaled 158 yards. Imagine with a good team… 

  • 49ers par 3

< em>New York Giants (6-1) vs Seattle Seahawks (4-3)


Kenneth Walker III

Who would've believed that? This is the only game of the week between two winning teams. The Giants and the Seahawks! It will be fascinating to see if more than 10 passes will be attempted in this clash. The Giants are second by rush and the Seahawks 10th. The latter will only do better with the recent emergence of Kenneth Walker III. The Seahawks are 30th in stopping the ground game and the Giants are 28th. When in doubt, opt for the one who will play at home.

  • Seahawks by 5

< strong>Green Bay Packers (3-4) vs Buffalo Bills (5-1)


Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers mentioned that the best thing that could happen to the Packers in their current bad streak is to face the Bills because no one is going to give the Packers a chance. Hard to believe that the tide will suddenly turn. The Bills give crumbs through the pass, and Rodgers doesn't have a decent receiver. His attacking line will be stunned by the defensive front. In the past, you would have believed Rodgers. Not at this time.

  • Bills by 13

Cincinnati Bengals (4-3) vs. Cleveland Browns (2-5)< /p>


Nick Chubb

Even though the Bengals are riding a strong wave with two straight wins, they have conceded an average of 163.3 yards in floor in their last three meetings. Nick Chubb and the Browns take notice, having defeated the Bengals in their most recent four games. In these meetings, the ground game had just been smoking with harvests of 215, 82, 153 and 205 yards. There's a whiff of surprise in the air, especially as the Bengals offense is without Ja'Marr Chase.

  • Browns by 3

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