NHL Draft: Noah Warren's progress

NHL Draft: The Progress of Noah Warren


At the start of the season, few people would have bet on the fact that Noah Warren would be drafted before his teammate Tristan Luneau.

However, his steady progress and, at times, , dazzling, will have convinced the Ducks to choose the colossus of 6 ft 5 in and 225 before his teammate.

“It's part of the intangibles,” admitted Ducks recruiter Stéphane Pilotte. […] We see that he is a guy who, since he is midget AAA, he is a guy who is always progressing. Moreover, we know that his environment in Gatineau for the next two years will be extremely positive. We really like the three coaches who are there and we like the organization. This is not one of the first factors but it is to be taken into account when you know that a young person wants to progress. »

The head coach of the Olympiques, Louis Robitaille, has been at the forefront of the progression of his right-handed defender.

“When he arrived last year, he was playing limited minutes. He's not a guy who played 30 or 35 minutes and we had to build his season and today he was selected at the start of the second round.

“We worked with him to remove the spectacular aspect of his game. When you are a good skater, you tend to carry the puck from one end to the other and score in the bantam or the midget. When he arrived, the focus was on what he would become by drawing up comparables like K'Andre Miller, a big defender capable of attacking thanks to his excellent skating. »


 While he was talking to us about Warren and Luneau, a colleague informed Robitaille that another of his proteges, Samuel Savoie, had just been claimed in the third round by the Chicago Blackhawks.

“I am not not surprised. He just stole it from the other. Ok,” he replied.

The “he” is Blackhawks scout Alexandre Rouleau in Quebec, who made an excellent suggestion to his bosses, Robitaille assured.

“If you think Samuel Savoie has energy, wait until the national anthem goes to Chicago. He's going to have bugs in his legs! He's a who I often compare to Vontae Mack in the movie Draft Day. He plays with passion and intensity and he has fun. […] He will be hated in the NHL, it’s a little plague.

For the little story, “the other”, which Robitaille was referring to, we never knew who it was.