Niagara: François Pérusse rose to the challenge

Niagara: François Pérusse rose to the challenge< /p> UPDATE DAY

François Pérusse was on the red carpet at the opening night of the Quebec City Film Festival on Thursday night, because he plays one of the main roles in the film Niagara. Does that surprise you? Even he had never thought of seeing himself on the big screen one day.

“I had never considered acting in a film, let alone writing for the cinema. ;”, says the 61-year-old comedian, met just before the presentation of Guillaume Lambert's film, at Le Diamant.

In the dramatic comedy Niagara (in theaters September 16), François Pérusse erases the comedy in him to become Alain, member of a trio of brothers (Éric Bernier and Guy Jodoin) forced to reconnect in a road-trip to Niagara Falls for the funeral of their father, who died of a heart attack while taking up the Ice Bucket Challenge.

After using his services for a very small role in his first film, The scenes fortuitous, Guillaume Lambert wrote the character, in free fall and who displays suicidal tendencies when we meet him at the beginning of the film, thinking of François Pérusse.

” He said to me: ''you have a serious face, an intense face”, ” relates the one who admits that he was scared before the shooting.

”  ;I was afraid of not being good, afraid of forgetting my texts, afraid of falling down the stairs. I was scared. »

« I felt good »

Has been used for thirty years to doing his little business alone in his studio, François Pérusse also feared working with dozens of people on a film set.

All his fears finally vanished. “I proved to myself that I was capable of being in society. I felt good, with the experienced actors and with those, like Véronic Dicaire and Katherine Levac, who were also on their first experience. »

The director is also satisfied with the work of this rookie like no other.

“When I said action, it was a successful bet. He was good the mozus. Even in the more dramatic scenes, it was very easy for him. I didn't need to redo the scenes again and again,” says Guillaume Lambert.

Just from Quebec

Back after a break one year, the FCVQ is deploying in a more modest format this year. The celebrations that once marked the opening nights at Place d'Youville have given way to a cocktail party at Le Diamant and the event extends over 4 days instead of 11.

The presentation of < em>Niagara nevertheless brought together 440 people for the launch of this FCVQ devoted 100 % to local cinema.

“ We want to return to the international scene as soon as next year, but the pandemic has really affected the Quebec cinema community. We wanted to make a gesture to show that we are there for the community, explains programmer Paul Landriau. 

And on the red carpet… Guillaume Lambert

Éric Bernier

Part of the Niagara film crew during the opening night of the Quebec City Film Festival.