Nice to remember: the legendary goal Shevchenko in gate of Russia was 20 years old (photo, video)

Приятно вспомнить: легендарному голу Шевченко в ворота России исполнилось 20 лет (фото, видео)

Wednesday, October 9, marks 20 years of the famous goal the current head coach, and then striker Andriy Shevchenko in gate of the Russian team in Moscow “Luzhniki”.

The game, recall, was decisive in determining places in the qualifying group for Euro 2000. If successful, Russia would have bypassed the French and our team won a direct ticket to the final tournament of the European championship in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The battle in “Luzhniki” was not without political overtones. For example, here with this title was released on the eve of the duel Russian newspaper “Soviet sport” (supposedly cleverly beat the name of the player of Russian national team Dmitry Khokhlov).

Приятно вспомнить: легендарному голу Шевченко в ворота России исполнилось 20 лет (фото, видео)

In Kiev (the newspaper “the Team”) Moscow “the wits” was answered very adequately by giving a front-page headline: “Today is the best day. Let flags hover over the shelves…” (words from the song of group “the time Machine” “Day of wrath” with the continuation: “Today is the best day — today battle with the fools”).

You need to recognize the team of Valeriy Romantseva, which in the 75th minute took the lead after a precise free kick Valery Karpin was very close to success. But in the 88th minute there was an episode, which in Russia still can not recall without a shudder. Ukraine received a free kick at the sideline of the field. It would seem, followed by a canopy in the penalty area, and there too, God willing. But the 23-year-old Shevchenko, who scored before that not a single goal in qualifying for Euro 2000, delivered a cross-shot, and after a monstrous error of the goalkeeper of Russians Alexander Filimonov (later with the same “success” he played for Kiev “Dynamo”) the ball was in the net gate — 1:1.

Ukraine finished in the group behind a future winner of Euro 2000 with France and won the right to play in the playoffs, and the Russians were the third and “flew” past the European championship. However, soon this fate befell the national team of Ukraine (1:2 and 1:1 in butt matches with Slovenia), but that’s another story…


The Photo “Sport-Express”

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