Nicolas cage could play himself in the drama

Nicolas cage intends to play the role of himself in the upcoming meta-drama, called “the Unbearable weight of a huge talent.” The release of the movie ready to deal with Studio Lionsgate, wants to buy the rights to the project.

Николас Кейдж может сыграть самого себя в драме

According to the scenario, the hero Nicholas cage is making every effort for the role in the new film from Quentin Tarantino. Sometimes it happens conversations with himself period of the 1990s, but more selfish. Such dialogues are pushing the actor to bad roles in bad projects, which it gradually loses its star status. With huge debts cage appears at the party organized for the birthday of a famous businessman who actually engaged in the drug business. He was behind the kidnapping of the daughter of the candidate for the post of new President of Mexico, and he acts as the agent of the United States.

Writing a script doing That Gormican and Kevin Etten. The last known project of “Ghosts” and “that awkward moment”.