Nicole Kidman managed to establish a relationship with the daughter

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, who has previously talked about a difficult relationship with them with Tom cruise adopted children, now again touched on this difficult topic, according to the with reference to TSN.

Николь Кидман удалось наладить отношения с дочерью

According to the newspaper the Sun, 52-year-old star admitted that he was very depressed when 26-year-old Isabella and 24-year-old Conor made a choice in favor of the father, and his religious faith. They, like Tom, have become followers of Scientology and stopped to chat with a mother who does not belong to this movement.

However, the actress said that now she finally was able to establish a relationship with his daughter.

“They chose to be Scientologists. Our job as parents to always give them unconditional love,” shared the actress.

She also added that motherhood is a journey in which there will always be UPS and downs, the main thing to be a mother for his children, what did not.