Nikita Dobrynin was surprised homemade photo with your favorite

Bachelor 9 Nikita Dobrynin and his fiancee Daria Kvitkova love to spend leisure – a couple misses not only friends, but also alone. Even now, the lovers spend time apart – she went on vacation to Italy and pounding her lover in Kiev – they don’t miss the opportunity to show a gentle attitude towards each other. Thus, the ex-bachelor has published in instagram a series of pictures, which depicted together with Dasha at home.

Никита Добрынин удивил домашними фото с любимой

Couple eating snacks and watching movies together, sitting on a cozy sofa, posing in bed and even in the bathroom.

Никита Добрынин удивил домашними фото с любимой

Nikita shared her revelations about their shortcomings that annoy him the darling, as well as declassified favorite show.

“You saw how began our Dasha relations on the project, and seem to know everything about us. Almost everything. In life anything can happen, and recently Dasha decided to tell her me angry. She’s right when I come home, throw shoes and socks. But that’s only because I can’t wait to get home and immediately hug her. Even in the morning I pull the blanket. Just because all night the blanket was Dasha, she does it very deftly and quickly. And the fact that I eat at the laptop… It happens so rarely. Admit it, usually because we’re doing this together. So our favorite show “Euphoria” becomes even more interesting. I love that we are talking about the shortcomings of each other”, — said the showman.

Никита Добрынин удивил домашними фото с любимой

Fans were delighted from the relationship of trust that prevails between lovers, and appreciated their pair.

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