Nikki reed and Nina Dobrev met gala Benefit evening Honors

The other day Nikki reed and Nina Dobrev visited the gala evening Benefit the EMA Honors, where he was awarded for special contribution to the protection of the environment. Both Actresses chose long dresses with a floral print, but as you know, this is not the only thing that unites them.

Никки Рид и Нина Добрев встретились на гала-вечере Honors Benefit

Girls, famous for roles vampires ― reed in the movie “Twilight”, and Dobrev in the TV series “the vampire Diaries” at different times met the handsome Ian Somerhalder. However, a long affair with Nina ended, and a romantic relationship with Reid grew into a real family, growing two year old daughter with the exotic name of Body Solely. However, none of the actors does not feel awkward, all three of them communicate with each other and even sometimes arrange a double date, and now Nina Dobrev is happy in the relationship with the Director and screenwriter Grant Mellon.

Unlike Nicky Reid, who visited EMA Honors Benefit in as a guest star, Nina Dobrev, known for his reverent love for sharks and other ocean life, received an honorary award.

Thank you for this beautiful event and a great reward. I hope that more people will be aware about our work and join us

the actress said from the stage.