Nina Dobrev broke up with boyfriend Grant Mellon

In mass media appeared information about the fact that the star of “the vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev broke up with Director Grant Mellon. The relationship of lovers lasted less than a year.

Нина Добрев рассталась с бойфрендом Грантом Меллоном

Nina and Grant tried not to attract attention to their relationship in the public eye. But recently, sources told the media that the romance between them came to an end. According to them, the relationship of Mellon and Dobrev just outdated.

Nina is always so busy with other projects, and it is very difficult,

— said the insider.

The former beloved no official comments have not given. The couple always tried to keep their relationship a secret, but a source assured the edition People that between them was serious. Recall the last time Mellon and Dobrev were seen together in September of this year. Since the new joint of the images did not appear, and had the feeling that the couple is not spending time with each other.

Their romance became known in February of this year. The actress hasn’t talked about it in interviews and did not share a large number of photos on social networks. Nina didn’t want to spoil everything and give the relationship public. However, judging by the pictures paparazzi, she was happy with the Mellon and did not hesitate to show their feelings.

Нина Добрев рассталась с бойфрендом Грантом Меллоном