Nina Dobrev has denied the headlines about his personal life

The actress spoke emotionally about the issues, who love to pull phrases out of context.

Нина Добрев опровергла заголовки о своей личной жизни

So, fans of the series “the vampire Diaries”, who loved to watch the development of relationships between the characters Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley, were in for a surprise. In an interview for the podcast Chicks in the Office, the actress has denied the headlines about his personal life, which were filled in June, the entire Internet. Recall, then, Dobrev announced that he and Wesley “didn’t get along in the beginning of the show,” reports the with reference to

In a new interview Nina said that the whole “story was inflated to absolutely insane degree.” The actress suggested that at that time the world of show business could not boast of bright events, but because each edition enthusiastically jumped at her words.

I felt as if I were Brangelina. And you know what, guys? We were not!― summarized Dobrev.

Developing a line of real relationship with Wesley, the actress brought the analogy with ordinary families, stressing that whoever says that his parents loved each other and their children “unconditionally from the moment of birth until the day of death”, can be considered a liar. Obviously, Dobrev meant that the constant presence next to each other certainly at one time or another heightens the degree and leads to conflicts.

The actress stressed that on set the actors literally become one family and, therefore, clashes between them are inevitable.

You see each other with makeup, without makeup, in good days and in bad days, when you’re hungry, when you want to drink when you are tired. This leads to mood swings, he continued his thought Dobrev.

Apparently, due to fatigue and emotional tension them out with Wesley relationship sometimes was not too warm.

We just do not appreciate each other so much as it is now― shared the actress, and then complained that the journalists “pulled out of context one sentence and deleted all the rest”, which actually meant that they are now with Sex “best friends”.

No doubt, this recognition will be appreciated Dobrev fans to dignity, because the realization that your favorite serial heroes during the filming disliked each other, they are very upset.