NKREKU stimulates an increase in electricity prices

Tariff Commission National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU) Thursday, April 30, took another lobbying the decision to increase electricity prices.

НКРЭКУ стимулирует повышение цены на электричество

As reported Hvilya about this on his page on Facebook wrote the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 8th convocation Victoria Voitsitska.

According to her, almost in all European countries by day consumption a little, and a lot of solar generation, the price of electricity is reduced. “But our tariff regulator in its decision made it so that Ukraine will now be a complete opposite of what we do in the European markets”.

Thus, Woycicka published two graphs, noting that in the first you can see how at lunchtime reduced the price of electricity in Bulgaria. According to her, Bulgaria is notable for the fact that there is also a lot of coal and nuclear generation, that is, it is similar with Ukraine. “As we see today in the daytime electricity is more than 10 times cheaper than in the evening or night hours”.

Accordingly, the second graph shows the price of electricity in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania. In these countries in the afternoon the electricity is 4-5 times cheaper than at other times of the day, including cheaper than a night.

MP 8 convocation also noted that after the decision of the national Commission in Ukraine at lunchtime on the relevant day the price is 50% more expensive than in the night. “That is the complete opposite of the situation in the European markets. And this situation is artificially created by the decision of the national Commission”.

However, she stressed that the decision was made to mean, without publication of the draft decision, without any public discussion and with violation of all procedures. “And all this draws on the article on exceeding of authority and abuse of power. Reported this issue Kovalenko, who is the defendant in the criminal proceedings in Rotterdam +. And the cynicism of the decision that was framed as “measures associated with the spread of coronavirus disease.” That’s right – during the early stages it is necessary for the whole country to raise the price of electricity.

It seems, formed a duet with Bukovec – it stops atomic blocks to share market went to Akhmetov and NKREKU raises the price to Akhmetov sold more expensive”, – summed up Voitsitska.