‘No choice’: trump sends Federal forces in the city controlled by Democrats

The President of the United States, Donald trump intends to send significant Federal power in American cities to quell crime in the framework of operation “Legend”, the BBC reports.

'Выбора не остается': Трамп отправляет федеральные силы в города, управляемые демократами

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Speaking at the White house, trump said that he has no choice and he is forced to send hundreds of Federal law enforcement officials in Chicago and other cities are managed by mayors-Democrats and covered the riots.

Additional forces will also be deployed in Albuquerque and Kansas city. Earlier the Federal security forces were sent to Portland. The mayor stated that this only worsened the already difficult situation with the protests.

U.S. attorney General William Barr, who joined the Trump during the press conference, said that in Kansas city sent to about 200 Federal agents, the same will be sent to Chicago, and about 35 agents will go in Albuquerque.

The government has also allocated more than 60 million dollars in Federal grants that will go to hiring additional number of policemen in the cities, where there is a rise in crime.

According to Barra, the increased presence of Federal forces to maintain law implies a struggle with “the classic crime”, in contrast to the transfer agents of the Department of homeland security in Portland for the purpose of riot control and street lawlessness.

On the background of the upcoming elections trump decided to bid on intolerance toward violations of the law.

After the death of a black American George Floyd, who was killed during the arrest in Minneapolis, across the country, a wave of protests, many of which turned into riots and pogroms.

At the same time in some major cities, including new York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago and Milwaukee, has risen sharply the level of armed crime.

The President, accusing Democrats of weakness and inability to curb the upsurge of crime, said: “In recent weeks we are seeing a radical movement in the direction of dofinansirovaniya, disarming and disbanding our police”.

According to him, the result was shocking explosive growth in the number of shootings, murders, violent deaths and other heinous violent crimes.

“This carnage must stop. And it will be stopped”, — said the head of state.

July 22, Federal agents used tear gas and stun grenades against protesters in Portland, where the excitement did not subside for 54 days.

To disperse the demonstrators gathered at the Federal courthouse, the police used non-lethal weapons.

Federal agents accused of moving to Portland in full riot gear in unmarked cars and arbitrary detention of protesters.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said. that to strengthen the local police, the arrival of the Federal forces.

“We are open to real partnerships, but we do not accept dictatorship,” the mayor declared at a press conference and warned that the use of the methods used in Portland, is unacceptable.

Trump has repeatedly mentioned the problem of gun violence in Chicago.

“This rampage of violence shock the public consciousness,” he said July 22.

Sending Federal troops in Chicago was preceded by a serious incident in which several people received bullet wounds at a local funeral home. The attack is connected with dismantlings with local gangs.

In Kansas, which sent Federal agents in June in his bed was shot and killed sleeping boy four years old named legend Taliferro. The current operation in the fight against crime was named in his honor, as announced by trump.

“No mother should hold her dead child, who died only due to the fact that politicians refuse to do what is necessary for security in their neighborhood or in their city,” he said.

According to the newspaper the Kansas City Star, if current trends continue, in 2020 will be for Kansas a record number of murders. With the beginning of the year in Kansas city was killed 110 people and another 50 in the suburbs.

In Chicago, according to local press, the number of murders increased by 34% compared to last year.

The study, conducted by the FBI in 2018, showed that the level of violent crime in Albuquerque is 3.7 times higher than the national average. The number committed in the city of murder and rape is twice higher than the national average.



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