No help from the City of St-Jérôme for the 48 owners in trouble

No assistance from the City of St-Jérôme for the 48 properties ;tary in beautiful sheets


The 48 condo owners in St-Jérôme who are struggling with buildings in disrepair will get little help from the authorities. At least that's what they understood when they met the mayor of the city on Tuesday. commented Lucie David, Tuesday noon, after leaving a meeting with the mayor of St-Jérôme, Marc Bourcier, as well as with the councilor André Marion and the engineer and assistant general manager, Daniel Lemieux.  

Ms. David is president of one of the three condominium syndicates of the three buildings located at numbers 600, 620 and 640 Castonguay Street. 

Le Journal revealed on Tuesday that two of the three 16-unit buildings are the subject of a denunciation notice from an architect. The work on the most damaged of the three is estimated at $4.2 million, or $262,000 per co-owner, which is more than the market value of the condos.  

“They repeated to us that it was not a municipal problem and assured us that we could still live there,” says Ms. David.  

However, the The notice of denunciation mentions “significant issues in terms of occupant safety, especially in the event of fire”.  

< p>A lot of empathy, little action

The City has agreed to send its fire department to inspect the buildings, without however giving a date.  < /p>

This leaves the 48 owners with a high level of anxiety.  

“They thought we were going to evacuate them immediately. That's not it at all. If it is dangerous for these people, we will have to take measures, “said the adviser André Marion, in an interview with the Journal.  

He is says very touched by “all this” and says it's a first for the City.  

As for the local deputy, the caquiste Youri Chassin, he does not want to come forward. “It's absolutely terrible, we have a lot of empathy for them, but the situation is a private dispute,” he said.  

He will “continue to follow the case.” 

Head to the slums

It's nothing new, however, and empathy won't change anything, says the secretary general and founder of the Association of managers and co-owners of Quebec, the lawyer Yves Joli-Coeur.  

“What is happening in St-Jérôme is not a unique phenomenon, it is starting to become widespread in Quebec,” he says.  

Quality control in the residential construction is not mandatory and is not the subject of a law, he recalls, “because our parliamentarians have never had the courage to do it”. 

However, it has been ringing the alarm bell for a long time. “If we are talking about ten million dollars to repair in St-Jérôme, we are certainly talking about a few hundred million dollars for all of Quebec,” he says.  

For him, the state is accountable and will have to free up funds from our taxes, “otherwise we'll end up with slums”. 

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