No increase in ratings despite the hype around “OD Martinique”

No increase in ratings despite noise around“ OD Martinique»


Sunday's “OD Martinique” special, in which the ins and outs of non-violent communication were explained to the candidates still in the adventure, did not attract more viewers, despite all the noise of the last few days. 

The meeting concocted at the last minute in which appeared the author India Desjardins, the teacher in the prevention of intimidation of the UQAM Stéphane Villeneuve and psychologist Dania Raminez attracted 479,400 followers, around 12,000 more than the previous week (467,000), with the usual formula.

Noovo's most popular program had to completely revise its broadcast schedule following the exclusion of two candidates — Philippe and Isaack, implicated in the charges with Félix, who had been previously ousted by the other candidates — associated with intimidation in the adventure .

The daily “OD” was canceled this week and the material that was shot during these three weeks was thrown in the trash, so much so that we'll start fresh next Sunday.

Always on Sunday, it's Chanteurs Masqués dominated the evening with 1,537,000 onlookers, according to preliminary figures from Numeris. At the same antenna, “Revolution” rallied 1,104,300 viewers. “Everyone talks about it” did well with 1,270,000 people on the air.