No new deaths: one of the USA States shared optimistic statistics COVID-19

According to official estimates, the second day in a row Colorado reported no deaths directly related to coronavirus infection, writes Fox News.

Нет новых смертей: один из штатов США поделился оптимистичной статистикой по COVID-19

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This news comes amid the deaths from the coronavirus in the Centennial state continues to decline after the peak passed in mid-April, according to local newspaper the Denver Post.

The number of hospitalizations in connection with COVID-19 is also reduced, and currently in Colorado are in hospitals around 297 people. The newspaper notes that for the first time since March 27 because of coronavirus in the state remain hospitalized at least 300 people.

Changes occurred after the state revised the approach to the calculation of deaths from COVID-19, with the result that the rate has gone from over 1000 to 878 in mid-may.

The decision on the revision of statistics came when the Department of health of the state of Colorado acknowledged that the death toll from COVID-19 into account those who have tested positive for the coronavirus, but died from other causes.

Currently, the state divides the dead into two categories, and now in the official estimates of “mortality among patients” and “the death rate from COVID-19″are listed in separate categories.

According to recent estimates, in Colorado was 26 378 cases of the new virus, 1181 people were killed by COVID-19.




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