No new health measures despite the 7th wave of COVID-19

No new sanitary measures despite the 7th wave of COVID-19


Quebec has entered its 7th wave of COVID-19, a sign that the pandemic is not over, hammered Dr Luc Boileau and the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé while asking Quebecers to get their booster dose and to respect the isolation instructions.

The two went public on Thursday, as Quebec sees a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. The National Director of Public Health, Dr. Boileau, and the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, had not given a joint press briefing since February.

“The situation is under control for the moment, but our objective is to protect the most vulnerable,” said Mr. Dubé. He urges caution, especially as construction holidays approach.

For the moment, however, he is closing the door on the idea of ​​reimposing health restrictions, including the wearing of a mask. “We're not here at all. You have to learn to live with COVID,” he said. He said he wanted to trust the population.

Mr. Dubé also rules out the idea of ​​again offering PCR screening tests to the entire population. These are currently reserved for healthcare workers and “priority” people, such as first responders and vulnerable populations. However, it is possible for the general public to obtain rapid tests.

In the last 24 hours, Quebec has recorded 1,755 new cases of COVID-19. A figure which is however not representative of the situation, given that access to screening centers is restricted. A number of 37 new hospitalizations, 16 additional deaths were also recorded, and 7,318 healthcare workers are also absent from work due to the virus.

“It’s a seventh wave, but it should ease in the coming weeks. We have a few signs that it is leveling off,” explained Dr. Boileau.

He wanted to remind people that people experiencing symptoms must isolate themselves and respect certain basic measures.

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“You have to isolate yourself for five days, and the next five, you have to be very careful. We shouldn't go to restaurants, shows or meet friends. And you have to wear a mask. That's why there is so much contamination, people don't respect this 10-day rule,” he exasperated.

Public Health encourages the population to this effect, particularly the most vulnerable, to continue wearing a mask if the situation allows it.

“You must keep a distance of two meters, wash your hands, maintain good hygiene, and avoid meeting people inside, in closed environments,” warned Dr. Boileau.

Booster dose

Booster doses of vaccines against COVID-19 are always available and accessible to all, the two men recalled.

The Ministry of Health should publish to this effect, during the day, a “decision tree” to identify for each the best time to get a booster dose.

 “Now is the time to go get her. It is a dose that will change the risk of developing a serious illness,” said Dr. Boileau. He also specified that after a period of about six months, the effectiveness of the vaccine declines, hence the importance of the booster.

Currently, 85% of the population in Quebec has received at least one dose of a vaccine against COVID-19.

People who are immunosuppressed, or “very elderly”, can also consult a pharmacist to obtain access to Paxlovid. “We have the most efficient Paxlovid access system in the world. Let's take advantage of it!”, added Dr. Boileau.

To remember

  • People with symptoms are invited to self-isolate for a period of 10 days;< /li>
  • PCR tests are reserved for healthcare workers and certain at-risk populations. The general public can nevertheless obtain rapid tests;
  • Booster doses of vaccines against COVID-19 are accessible to the entire population;
  • New health restrictions are not planned for the moment. However, wearing a mask, isolation and distancing are always recommended.