No one will not fly in Ryanair announced strike of the pilots

Уже никто никуда не летит: в Ryanair объявили о забастовке пилотов

A lot of flights largest low-fare airline in Europe, Ryanair, under threat because of a strike by pilots. The trade Union was unable to negotiate with airline management, accordingly, the company intends to sue pilots Union.

In particular, the British Association of airline pilots said that the airline “had a chance to resolve the dispute with their pilots and now can only rely on the legal possibilities, and try to convince the High court to block the strike”, writes News.

Strike pilots are going on most of the Ryanair bases throughout Europe, and on different days, mostly on weekends. So, at bases in Spain strikes are Sep, 1, 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 27 and 29 September. In the UK and Ireland strikes begin in August, 22-23 August, and September 2-4. Base in Portugal will go on strike from 21 to 25 August.

The main requirement of Ryanair pilots is higher wages.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, this is not the first major strike of the pilots in the West in recent times. In April 2019 pilots Sweden, Denmark and Norway operating of multinational airline Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), a few days did not go to work, demanding higher wages.

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