No recount in Beauce-Nord

No recount in Beauce-Nord


Finally, there will be no judicial recount in Beauce-Nord: the Conservatives' request was rejected by the judge. 

La Cour du Quebec has upheld the arguments of the Coalition Avenir Québec, and deems the request made by the Conservative Party of Quebec inadmissible.  

The court explained that a document was missing from the Conservatives' request . According to the decision, the official agent of the PCQ, Patrice Raza, omitted to attach to his request a sworn declaration, in which he should have explained the grounds leading to the belief in the presence of irregularities in the conduct of the electoral process.  

“In the absence of Mr. Raza's testimony, the Tribunal concludes that there is no evidence to the effect that he personally has reasonable grounds” to believe in the existence of irregularities, can be read in the decision.  

At the hearings on Wednesday, the lawyer for the Conservatives tried to remedy the situation by producing an affidavit from the candidate Olivier Dumais, but the Court rejected it as it was not produced within the time limits and because it “does not meet the test”.  

“It does not constitute a statement allowing the court to conclude that Mr. Dumais has personal knowledge of the facts alleged on the request”, it is specified. &nbsp ;

Consequently, the candidate of the CAQ, Luc Provençal, officially wins with a lead of 202 votes over the conservative candidate and mayor of Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, Olivier Dumais.   

Despite another tight result in Beauce-Sud, the PCQ had decided not to request a judicial recount in this other riding.