“No wars”: the whole world to hold mass actions for the support of Ukraine

& laquo; ni & nbsp; vіynі & raquo ;: in & nbsp; vsomu svіtі passing masovі aktsії on & nbsp; pіdtrimku Ukraine Hanna Dzhedzhula, “Facts »

Massive anti-war campaigns for the support of Ukraine are being held in the entire world. People roamed the streets of London, Edtnburg, Munich, Berlin, Geneva, Tokyo, Brussels, Turin, Paris, Washington DC, New York, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Istanbul and dozens of other places.

Rich in Ukrainian ensigns and transparencies with inscriptions: "Ni vyyni!", "Supinate Putin! ;Ukraine!", «Putin — killer!".

"Hi  war»: the whole world will have mass promotions for the support of Ukraine

One of the biggest #London protests since #Russia has attacked #Ukraine held in Whitehall today. pic.twitter.com/8ImIBCNpUG

Thus, thousands of protesters gathered at the London of the Russian Embassy and the residence of the British Prime Minister on Downing Street. On the walls of the Russian embassy, ​​little ones and writings with a creid were taken away. Like saying B-B-S by throwing some eggs at him.

«Ni wine»: the to the whole world will have mass promotions for the promotion of UkraineWarsaw

 «Ні vіyni»: the to everything passage of mass promotions for pіdtrimka/Ukrainian  /p> </p>
<p> In Israel, the demonstrators demonstratively spit on their Russian passports.</p>
<p>Near Berlin, over 120,000 people took part in the action for the police officers. And for the tribute of the organizers of the action, like a handful of about 20,000 participants, they chose to recruit a large number of people. As I remind DW, such a great number of people have not been taken away from Nimechchina protests for a long time – won became one of the largest in the new history of Nimechi. At the protests, you can flash symbols on the colors of the Ukrainian ensign, demonstrators launched yellow and blue red flags at the sky.</p>
<p style=  «Ni war»: the whole world is having massive promotions for the trimka of Ukraine

Earlier FACTS wrote — The Security Council of the United Nations voted in favor of an over-the-top special session of the General Assembly through Putin's invasion of Ukraine.


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on Google News «H wp»: the wp-content of to the whole world will have mass promotions for the  p_trimka of Ukraine « winning»: the whole world will have mass promotions for the support of Ukraine