Nobody expected that Kuchuk be so bad to dance: revelations chief choreographer “Tanzu s…

Никто не ожидал, что Кукуюк будет так плохо танцевать: откровения главного хореографа «Танців з...

The chief choreographer of the new season of the popular project “Tantsi z with a stars” (“1+1”) Ksenia Gorb. In the past Ksenia and she was a member of this project, reaching with his partner Vitaly Kozlovsky to the finals. Now Ksenia is responsible for placement of all participants, and says that the characters of the show were already native people. She’s going through, when a couple leaves, and admits that he had learned to anticipate who it will be.

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Ksenia Gorb told that forced her to leave the parquet, called their Pets and predicted the winner of the season.

— Xenia, I understand that you have almost no output?

— I’m certainly not. The participants of the project rest on Monday, after the broadcast, and we already decide what they will do next week. First tried to think, and to think of the strategy of dance, music, ideas for two weeks, but more often it is after the live broadcast can be seen as a couple is revealed that she is that and in what role I would like to see her next time.

Couples can easily go to your suggestions?

We still ask. Meeting on Mondays consists of producer, Directors, music editors, me. Each side tells what he would want. If earlier it was difficult to get in the way, now it is easier — I know couples better communicate with them. Therefore, in the process of determining the style we have virtually no differences.

— You’ve started this project as a participant?

Yes. My partner was Vitaly Kozlovsky. Our pair reached the final and became third. Actually, I really love this project and think well understand it. It is, first of all, not only about dancing, but about personality and human qualities. There is no absolute methods to catch the fancy of the audience. They just feel the actors and all.

— I think that the audience most feel the sincerity Chukwuka?

Well, in dance, images, can, dance, the clumsiness, the audience just want to support it. They see how hard he comes dancing compared to the other couples. In fact, this is a huge work.

— Kuchuk just won the niche in which was Dmitry of Mosquitoes, then Lesya Nikityuk. In the season of need such bad dancing?

And no one expected that he will dance! Our team was surprised at how Michael’s first broadcast was supported by the audience.

— It is known that after a bad fall in one of the dance show you had to leave active training.

— Yes, it happened when I was dancing in a pair with Vyacheslav Uzelkov in the show “Dancing for you”. I fell, there was a serious injury. I still have some difficulties that do not allow you to feel comfortable and to dance as much as I would like. There are nuances of technical implementation or the pain — it does not give me the opportunity to participate as a dancer in such projects.

I know that you was the chief choreographer of the “Dancing with the stars” in Georgia.

— Yes, then went to the Emirates for work. And this season we found a common language with the producers of “Tanzu s with a stars” and decided that we are on the way.

— Who this season has been the most difficult couple?

— My main task on “Dancing” — to reveal the star and her personality. So I can’t say that was a tough pair — they are just different.

And even MARUV?

— She had her own individual approach. Anya really wanted to open up and as a choreographer too many dances just brought already as a finished product. Some cooked for the week, some for two days. It is particularly difficult, you know, it was the last dance. But she listened to all comments and made edits. Often literally on the eve of the ether.

For many the discovery was sexy Folk of Barbir.

— It is, indeed, surprising. Luda opened up in the first place is a very feminine, not only sexually. She has a good physical preparation that we learned in the process of the project. I know how hard many of the elements are given Daniel Salem — he has quite a lot of weight, but it is clear motion, rate. He hates it if you need to remove some element of staging.

— Anna Rizatdinova seem to be able to realize any idea!

But it has its difficulties. Rather, it’s difficult for her psychologically, she used to plow and slow dance wants to accelerate, to make richer. And that inner desire to make a maximum in a slow dance and of course a bit annoying.

— Alain Shoptenko last season was the main choreographer of the project. Now she puts their numbers with Alex Yarovenko?

— Alyona asks sometimes with her to find the right steps to partner or to see how it looks from the outside. We have a number of choreographers, which help to bring the choreography to the final result. In fact, the project is the work of a large number of people — from choreographers to Directors and costume designers.

— You are present in the air?

— Of course, and before going out always speak with couples. It is, rather, more psychological help, the right attitude. Because in the last hour to air it is better not dance — I can only properly adjust. You know, I find myself thinking that she worried about everyone and treat them like children.

— Has a feeling, who will be the winner?

— I would rather sometimes have a feeling care couple. This is a very delicate moment when something changes for the week prior to this, relations within the couple, how it works. This catch may be the only one who is around all the time.

— So you knew that Jiji go?

— It was a feeling, but at the end of the week he was very motivated, and I even exhaled, I thought, may be wrong. But still… not disappointed.

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