Nord-du-Québec: 1000 housing units during a first mandate, promises QS

Nord-du-Québec: 1000 housing units during a first term, promises QS


Solidariens are committed to building 1,000 housing units in Nord-du-Québec during their first mandate if they are elected on October 3, in addition to promising health benefits.< /strong> 

A third of these units will be destined for Jamésie, another third for Cree territory and the last for Inuit territory, indicated the solidarity leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois during a point of press Monday morning in Chibougamau.

“When politicians talk about the North, it's to talk about its natural resources. It's time we talk about the people who live here: the Jamésiens, the Crees and the Inuit – it's a real world and they deserve an MP and a government that will finally take an interest in what they are going through.” he declared.

Québec solidaire plans to reserve $330 million in fixed assets, including $110 million for the Jamesian territory and the rest divided between the Aboriginal and Inuit territories after discussions.

The party has also made health commitments, announcing an increase in the bonuses granted to health professionals working in the North, valued at $10,000 per person. A 30% increase is also envisaged for internships carried out in the region.

To do this, an amount of $9 million per year would be reserved for these premiums for caregivers and interns.

“A solidary Quebec government is committed to improving the funding of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay and the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services,” mentioned the candidate in Ungava , Maïtée Labrecque-Saganash, while specifying that the allocation and administration of these sums would be managed by the authorities of the two nations.