Nord Stream: one of the leaks begins to weaken, high levels of methane in Scandinavia

Nord Stream: One of the leaks begins to weaken, high levels of mé ;thane in Scandinavia


One of four leaks on Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea is starting to weaken, Swedish authorities said on Friday, while high levels of methane are seen in several parts of Scandinavia.&nbsp ;

Located above Nord Stream 2 on the Swedish side, this leak “has reduced in size, but is still ongoing,” the Swedish coastguard said in a statement on Friday morning.< /p>

Preceded by underwater explosions recorded on Monday and most likely the result of an act of sabotage according to several countries, the leaks are all located in international waters off the Danish island of Bornholm. 

But two of them are located in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the other two in the Danish EEZ.

The second leak on the Swedish side, larger and linked to Nord Stream 1, does not shows no sign of weakening, according to the coastguard. 

Asked by AFP about the evolution of the leaks on the Danish side, the Danish police did not comment.

Copenhagen had estimated on Wednesday that more than half of the gas contained in the two gas pipelines – no operational, but loaded with methane – had already leaked and that the rest would escape by Sunday.

According to a simulation released Friday by the independent Norwegian institute Nilu, specializing in the analysis of air, the methane cloud has moved with the winds over several regions of Sweden and Norway since Monday, even reaching the United Kingdom.

According to its estimates, nearly 80,000 tonnes of methane have already escaped from the damaged pipes of the two gas pipelines. This is more than four times the annual emissions of the oil and gas sector in Norway, one of the main producers of hydrocarbons in Europe.

Methane emissions are not dangerous for human health, according to the authorities, but contribute to global warming.