Norms of consumption of gas in Ukraine may change

The Ministry of energy and protecting the environment are going to increase the rate of gas consumption for not equipped with meters households.

Нормы потребления газа в Украине может измениться

It is reported portal “Hvilya” with reference to published on the official website of the Ministry of energy the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Ministry of energy confirmed that currently, the economic entities on the natural gas market raises questions about the uncontrolled consumption of this product. Moreover, in the near future the rate of consumption can be changed, the question is under the control of members of the Cabinet.

“Above the established norms, in particular the residents of households where no installed individual meters of gas, which in turn leads to the losses of enterprises”, – says the message of the Ministry of energy.

Norms of gas consumption by households can be increased. Currently they are: 3.28 cubic meter per person, from April to September to 5.2 cubic meters per person from October to March and 7.6 cubic meters per person. Under the new proposals, the rules will be: from April to September to 7.1 square meters per person, October — March, 12 cubic meters per person.

The main problem, according to the Ministry of energy of Ukraine was the absence of a procedure of a full commercial accounting of natural gas consumption by the population living in private and apartment houses. Also there are no norms of consumption of gas that would be economically justified. This situation leads to the “gratuitous use of gas by household consumers $ 2.6 billion hryvnia in the year”.

The rise in the rate of consumption of natural gas, according to experts, could affect residents of about 3.3 million apartments, accounting for about a quarter of the total housing stock.