North Korea advised the Trump not to abuse personal friendship with Kim Jong-UN (PHOTO)

Северная Корея посоветовала Трампу не злоупотреблять личной дружбой с Ким Чен Ыном (ФОТО)

The DPRK has called unacceptable the use of personal friendship between the President of the United States Donald trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN to drag out negotiations, reports TASS.

“The U.S. is seriously mistaken, hoping peacefully to survive the end of the year through the use of close personal relations between their President and the Chairman of the state Council of the DPRK for tactics of buying time”, – reads the statement of the Chairman of the DPRK Committee for peace in the Asia-Pacific region Kim young-Chul.

Personal relationships between trump and Kim Jong-UN is in no way connected with the diplomatic relations between the two countries, according to a statement.

“Korean-American relations, which, due to the hostile actions of misguided policies from the US repeatedly could go from their rails and break into pieces, still preserved thanks to the friendly relations between the Chairman of the Council of state Kim Jong-UN and President of the trump – said in a statement. But there is always a limit.”

Kim Yong-Chul also expressed hope that the diplomats saying that there is neither eternal enemy nor eternal friend, will not turn in relations between the DPRK and the United States in the phrase “eternal enemy, but there is no eternal friend”.

Adviser Ministry of foreign Affairs Kim Gye-Gwan a few days earlier said that the leaders of the DPRK and the United States retain trust in each other and a relationship of mutual understanding between them remain strong. However, he repeated on several occasions by the call for Pyongyang to Washington to normalize relations between the two countries until the end of 2019.

In September, trump said he plans to meet with Kim Jong-UN before the end of this year, but noted that to hold a summit in Pyongyang would be a premature decision.

In addition, trump recently called the dismantling of the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon as a condition for lifting of sanctions with North Korea.

The first summit of the U.S. and the DPRK took place in June 2018 in Singapore, the second summit in Hanoi in February 2019 was inconclusive. Trump and Kim Jong-UN also held a short meeting in Panmunjom on the border of the Republic of Korea and the DPRK on 30 June 2019.