North Yorkers complain of “rat infestation” (PHOTO)

Норт-Йоркцы жалуются на «нашествие крыс»  (ФОТО)

Residents of one of the blocks North of York said that their alarm “visits” rats in their houses, which began after the construction work in their area.

Marchione Loreto (Loreto Marchione), whose home is in the area of Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue West, has announced that it has caught 19 rats in a month, and it was so long ago ended the repair work to replace the sewers.

“Everyone is afraid of … I’ve never had anything like that, he said. – I’ve been here for 47 years. Ran mouse, from time to time, but nothing like this, this is unbelievable.”

Marchione said that over the last few days he spent most of his time setting traps around the house and helping his confused neighbors to do the same.

“I did everything I could, I got 19, but I don’t know what to say, he shrugged. – All complain, and this is no joke, this is serious, and so we want some action”.

Marchione and other residents of the area contacted my MP Mike Colle and the Department of health of Toronto. They were promised that on Friday will approach a specialist to assess the situation.

Journalists CTV News Toronto was trying to get through to the office Call, as well as to the Department, but in vain, in any case, this was the situation on Friday afternoon.

Sylvia Simone, who lives in his house for more than 50 years, said that he had noticed a problem in the summer, when I saw they run around the neighborhood.

“They’re just everywhere, it is a disgrace, she said. I’m worried that they will break into the house when it gets colder, this is a big problem, it concerns not only us, but everyone who lives on this street”.

Simon said that the problem started after the last month on their street changed the sewer. She said that rats came out from under the ground and fled through yards.

“I’m a little afraid of rats, she said. – We have never, never had this problem in all the time that I live here”.

She recalled that Marcion had shown her all those rats, which he caught, and she was frightened by their size.

“I’m upset, I can’t get out of my yard because I’m scared,’ she said. – I don’t want in our district were hordes of rats.”