Norwegian skier increased marathon record in the continuous race to 528 km

Норвежский лыжник увеличил марафонский рекорд в беспрерывном забеге до 528 км

In Norway, despite everything, continues to challenge the mad skiers in a continuous race over long distances.

On the eve of the new record was set by 45-year-old Henrik Solli, who in the Day of his birth was skiing 528 km in 32 hours, according to “Sport-Express”.

The race occurred on lap with a length of 5.5 km, Thus the record ran 96 laps. Part of the distance he traveled in the company of his friends.

The previous record, set by the brothers Anders and jørgen Auckland together with Daarom Body a few days ago, amounted to 516 km in 31 hours.

Meanwhile, in Norway intensifies criticism of this project. Some participants finished their races in the full depletion of the body, and then for a long time in a state of near coma. In the current situation of the pandemic COVID-19 is not the best option, even for strong athletes.