Norwegian TV reported on the operation of Russian submarines to break through the defense of NATO (PHOTO)

Норвежское ТВ сообщило об операции российских подлодок по прорыву обороны НАТО (ФОТО)

Ten Russian submarines including eight nuclear involved in the operation in the North Atlantic, the aim of which is to develop breakthrough defensive lines of NATO and secretive approach to the East coast of the United States, reported the Norwegian broadcaster NRK, citing sources in military intelligence.

The sources stressed that “this is not a drill, and the largest operation of Russian submarines since the cold war, which aims to demonstrate the ability to threaten the East coast of the United States.”

“The problem of submarines is that as far as possible to go out into the Atlantic without being detected,” – quoted TV and radio information to the Norwegian intelligence service.

NRK, citing intelligence sources, also noted that a large number of submarines of the Russian Northern fleet last week tried to slip out of their bases on the Kola Peninsula in the Barents and Norwegian seas.

It is alleged that a Russian submarine and spend a breakthrough line of anti-submarine defence of NATO in the North Atlantic between Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom (GIUK). In addition, divers inspect a concealed exit in the most remote areas of the Atlantic, reports “Interfax”.

In particular, in the Norwegian sea went nuclear class submarine Sierra-II in NATO classification (project 945A “Condor”) “Pskov” (“Perch”) and “Nizhny Novgorod” (“Catfish”). They have a titanium case and the level of giveaways such as noise and magnetic fields, were the most discreet in the Soviet Navy. Titanium also has the benefits when diving to great depths (depth of the Norwegian sea in some places more than 2 km).

“Russia wants to show that they are able to approach US. They want to test the ability of the West to discover them and how they will react” – according to intelligence sources in Norway.

According to them, the operation of Russian submarines for 60 days, started in the Barents and Norwegian seas in the early of last week.

While sources in the Norwegian intelligence claim that the movement of Russian submarines is carefully monitored. This increased the number of flights anti-submarine patrol aircraft of the Norwegian air force, who perform tasks from the air base Andoya in the North of the country.