Not a plant and not an animal in the zoo of Paris, a creature without a brain but with 720 of the sexes (video)

Не растение и не животное: в зоопарке Парижа появилось существо без мозга, но с 720 полов (видео)

In the French capital Paris Zoological Park introduced its new occupant, a bright yellow creature, nicknamed Blob (“slime”, “cluster”, “drop”, “ball”).

This writes the guardian.

It is reported that the creature will be shown to the public on Saturday, October 19, at the first show where this unusual organism will demonstrate their unique abilities.

The body was described as “one of the secrets of nature” — scientists still have not come to the unequivocal conclusion that it is.

The “drops” no mouth, stomach and eyes, but he can still find food and digest it. Also in the presence of the body — from 720 of the sexes and the ability to heal itself. The Guardian notes that if single-celled cut in half, then restored it in two minutes.

“We are confident that it is not a plant, but can not understand the animal or mushroom”, — said the Director of the Paris natural history Museum and Bruno David.

“Slime” organism was named in honor of the movie The Blob 1958 horror where alien slime grasps town in Pennsylvania, consuming everything in its path.

Classification of slime mold is still not completely developed. Scientists have counted more than a thousand species of organisms, and do not take them to the kingdoms fungi, plants or animals. The publication adds that, despite the reference to a horror movie, in fact, the slime mold is not dangerous to humans.

Before the BLOB had settled in the zoo in Paris, he was raised in a Petri dish and fed with oatmeal. Once it reached a certain size, it instilled the bark of a tree, which he now eats, and placed in a terrarium. Drop loves moist air, so the drought for him the main enemy.

so, in the pond of the institution settled a huge Japanese carp.

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