Not a single impeachment: trump expect new investigations and lawsuits

Although on Wednesday, February 5, President Donald trump was acquitted on two articles of impeachment, it is still awaiting criminal investigations, civil litigation and the congressional investigation regarding his administration and family business, reports USA Today.

Не импичментом единым: Трампа ожидают новые расследования и судебные иски

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Last week during the trial of the case of impeachment in the Senate, the attorneys of the woman accused trump of rape over 20 years ago, announced that they are looking for a DNA sample trump.

“We have never seen any politician, not to mention the President, acted similarly. I don’t think we know how it ends,” said David Weinstein, a former Federal Prosecutor in Miami.

Republican strategists predicted the cleansing of the reputation of the trump after the acquittal in the impeachment.

“It’s like that to survive the attempt on your political life is the most important thing. Other investigations compared to this seem to be very marginally,” said Scott Jennings, a former aide to President George W. Bush.

Investigation and litigation, played out in the backdrop of the presidential race of 2020, preceded by the problem underlying the impeachment process — was whether the President abused his authority by delaying military aid to Ukraine to exert pressure on the country and get hold investigations against a political rival.

The answer may have far-reaching consequences for the balance of power of the Executive and the legislature.

Case on financial fraud trump comes to the Supreme court

Trump did not show their tax returns up to the Supreme court, the meeting will be held on March 31.

The monitoring Committee and the reform of the house of representatives requires an eight-year tax return trump and other documents from Mazars USA, a longtime accounting firm of trump. Of the Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance is looking for financial documents trump a criminal investigation concerning the payment of money to two women who claim that they had a relationship with trump before he became President. Trump denies these charges.

“We’re not going anywhere”

Federal prosecutors in California and new York are exploring sources of funding campaign trump in 2016.

Through this extensive investigation, the capitalist from California Kaadu Zuberi in January was charged with obstructing the investigation into the source of campaign financing in the amount of $900 thousand.

In a separate lawsuit, the attorney General of the district of Columbia, Karl Racine has filed a lawsuit against a company that allegedly overpaid for the place in the trump hotel in Washington that benefited the family business trump. The company paid the hotel over $1 million for a place for events and meals for four days.

Racine said he did not intend to abandon attempts to return the money.

“We’ll dig, we’re not going anywhere,” said Racine in an interview.

Battle for Muller continues

The judicial Committee of the house of representatives is going to hear the testimony of Donald Makhana, a witness in the investigation conducted by spectaculorum Robert Mueller on Russia’s intervention in the 2016 elections.

In the report of Muller described many cases, when trump tried to disrupt the investigation. Boston told investigators that trump told him to remove Muller.

Boston refused to appear on the agenda of the Committee to testify because he was a close Advisor to the President.

A Federal appeals court in the district of Columbia decides whether to force Makhana to testify. During a hearing in January, lawyers of the house of representatives said that if the administration continues to block testimony Makhana, the President will face the prospect of new articles of impeachment.

The Department of justice argues that the courts should not make Makhana to testify and to compel the administration to disclose the secret data. The objections of the administration trump was met with deep skepticism from some members of the court.

“Was there ever a case of such widespread disobedience to the Congress?” — referring to the administration’s refusal trump to cooperate with the investigation of the impeachment asked judge Thomas Griffith, a lawyer of the Department of justice Hashim of Mupane.

The court of appeal, most likely, will make a separate decision on the testimony Makhana.

Rudy Giuliani, a personal lawyer trump, was the most aggressive defender of the President during the investigation Muller. It is the object of a criminal investigation by Federal prosecutors in the same office, which was headed by Giuliani as a lawyer in Manhattan before he became mayor of new York in 1993.

The investigation partially focused on the work of Giuliani with Lev Parnas and Igor Romanom. They worked with Giuliani in search of information in Ukraine, which could hurt Joe Biden, former Vice-President of the United States fighting against trump in the presidential election of 2020.

Questions about the financial machinations trump remain

Questions remain about how violated trump once an obscure constitutional provision that prohibits the President to accept money from a foreign government.

Litigation relating to the reservation about the reward that trump ridiculed as “bloated”, have passed through Federal courts in Washington and two other States.

The question is, does the Constitution financial share of trump hotels and restaurants serving foreign and local clients with interests in government, which manages trump. After he became President, trump handed over daily control of the older sons, but he still owns the business.

The family business, trump has attracted the attention of the attorney General of new York. The New York Times reports that investigators have provided the court with records associated with the funding of four major projects in the company’s trump.

The investigation was prompted by the testimony in Congress, former personal counsel to trump, Michael Cohen, who said that trump inflated their assets in the financial statements.

“It will continue to raise questions about the financial machinations of the President and his motivations, financial connections and business interests around the world,” said Deepak Gupta, a Washington lawyer leading the two cases Emoluments against trump.

“We know that foreign governments are patronizing his business — he said, — and for foreign officials is the easiest way to fill the pockets of the President.”

Disrupting the balance of forces

Republican strategist Ron Bonjean suggested that the acquittal trump could deprive Democrats of incentive to continue investigations in Congress.

“We are likely to see that the White house will say that the investigation in the House of representatives continue to carry a political vendetta organized by the democratic leadership with the aim to influence the election of 2020, instead of doing the real work for the American people,” said Bonjean.

According to Banana, the impeachment procedure did not affect the political positions trump and his supporters will continue to consider the investigation as a waste of time.

“In General, supporters of the trump do agree that this is a political process,” said Bonjean.

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg, who runs analytical center of the National democratic network, said that to turn away from the upcoming investigations impossible.

“I don’t think there is any weakening in the accountability. The house is constitutionally responsible for checking Executive power,” said Rosenberg.

The white house has repeatedly ignored the agenda in Congress during various investigations, including impeachment, which can disrupt the balance of power between the Executive and the legislature.

“How would operate the government, if the balance of power between the Executive and legislative power to change?” said Rosenberg.

Because of disagreements between the two sides is deeper than ever, he said that the response had not.