Not all products may be useful in the morning

If you cannot imagine your morning without Breakfast, it is better to choose more healthy variants. Nutritionist Katherine Pashko, who previously told how to lose weight without dieting,on his page on Instagram have listed 10 different Breakfast options that will not harm the figure and health.

Не все продукты могут быть полезны утром

“Breakfast is a time of detox, cleansing of the body. At this time, he just doesn’t need to interfere. If we eat heavy animal foods, the body is not something that will not be cleaned and will be loaded even more. To explain it very easily. We are children of nature, are strongly associated with her. Morning all just awakened, revealed, gaining speed. The bowel running smoothly, everything gaining momentum and the chicken will be as pendal pancreas, intestines,” — said the expert.

It is important to start eating when I want, not when it is necessary.

The top 10 options easy and healthy Breakfast:

1. Shock, but no Breakfast. It’s not all. We are all different and people with a slow metabolism Breakfast is just prohibited. Very easy to understand, it is those who in the morning does not want to eat. Usually these are people who tend to be overweight, easily gain weight. For people OK no Breakfast. The rest of the feelings.

2. Just 2-3 of fruit. They have fiber and energy. For those who will whine that the fruit not to eat, then I go to the gym and eating Breakfast fruits. Just need to get used to.

3. To make different smoothies. Berries, fruit, Chia, other seeds, coconut milk.

4. Flax cereal. Soaked seeds overnight. In the morning grind and add honey, berries.

5. Chia pudding with coconut milk and berries.

6. Avocado and whole wheat soda bread, plus salad.

7. Sprouted buckwheat with berries and honey.

8. Quinoa with herbs, seeds and olive oil.

9. You can take other cereals, barley, bulgur, millet with vegetables or berries, but more as an exception.

10. Eggs may be rare, still, it’s animal protein, heavy foods. Not fried, but boiled or poached with salad.