Not for the faint of heart: an American showed how COVID-19 changed his body

“I wanted to show that it can happen to anyone. No matter you are young or old, whether at risk or not. It can affect you” — quoted by BuzzFeed Mike Schultz from Boston, recover from coronavirus infection.

Не для слабонервных: американец показал, как COVID-19 изменил его тело

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Sitting in his bed in coronavirus hospital Boston, Mike Schultz had a chat with one of the nurses about his treatment: sedation and intubation.

“I thought it’s only been a week,” he said.

The nurse said that he had in the house a week and as many as six.

“I was so weak. It was one of the most unpleasant things — he recalls. — I could not keep your cell phone; it was so heavy. I couldn’t type because my hands are trembling.”

43-year-old nurse from San Francisco had no health problems. He usually worked 6 or 7 shifts a week. The man weighed about 190 pounds (86 kg). A few weeks later after he was better and he was again able to start eating, he weighed only 140 pounds (63.5 kg). His lung capacity is only now beginning to slowly recover.

Schultz shared a photo that illustrates what COVID-19 has done with his body, post a photo in his instagram account with 30,000 subscribers. The photo on the left was taken about a month before he got sick. Photo at right taken at the hospital at the stage of recovery. According to him, the man was exhausted, even those that briefly got out of bed to take pictures.

Не для слабонервных: американец показал, как COVID-19 изменил его тело


“I didn’t think it so seriously, before I got sick, he said. — I thought I was young enough that it didn’t affect me, and I know that many people think so. I wanted to show that it can happen to anyone. No matter you are young or old, whether at risk or not. This can affect you.”

Schultz went to the hospital on March 16. Two days earlier, he came to Boston from San Francisco. Then he had no temperature. A week before he and his partner went to Miami beach for the festival, which was attended by thousands of people. According to Schultz, he had a great time — but then, no one knew at the party is a person or people infected with coronavirus.

“We knew it was possible, — said Schultz. — However, no real restrictions were not. Any locks. We just thought, “Well, we should wash hands frequently and not touching your face”.

At least 38 people who attended the party subsequently became ill. Three men died.

Two days after the arrival of Schultz in Boston he and his partner felt ill. From Schultz’s temperature rose to 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 Celsius), and it was hard for him to breathe. His lungs filled with fluid. The couple went to the hospital.

On the first day of Schultz supply oxygen through the nose, then through the mask all over the face, and then with the help of sedation intubated. On the ventilator he had to spend 4.5 weeks. Partner was not allowed to visit him because of the risk of infection. The nurses showed him Schultz lying on a ventilator, through FaceTime. According to the partner who was treated at home, “it was scary, but I was happy to see him.”

Schultz said that people criticized him and his partner for a visit to the ill-fated party. Some wrote that Schultz deserves to get sick. But he tries to focus on the support expressed by other people.

When he was finally released from the hospital, Schultz first ordered my favorite meal at McDonald’s: two double cheeseburgers, fries and a strawberry shake.

“The food was different taste. I think I lost some taste sensation, he said, but it was still good.”



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