Not for women: half naked Volochkova’ve hurt myself in the icy fonts (video)

Не женское дело: полуголая Волочкова травмировала себя в ледяной купели (видео)

Known for his passion for cold ablutions ballerina Anastasia Volochkova became a victim of this unusual hobby.

As you know, with the advent of cold weather Anastasia is involved daily in the winter swimming in the icy water bowl, which made for her out of town on a site near bath.

Thus a lover of a healthy lifestyle, probably, has demonstrated its nebesni ice temperature and cold.

But, as demonstrated by its recent experience, the temperature in this case is not the worst, writes KP.

Usually bathing actress are: Anastasia is dressed in a very open bikini, then armed with a hatchet and he should earn for it the icy crust that forms on the surface of the water. This time Volochkova has collected only large blocks of ice, and small pieces left. And paid for it: one of the icicles heavily grazed her side. Anastasia showed how she had hurt herself, posting a picture in the Stories.

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Publication from Anastasia (@volochkova_art) 22 Nov 2019 10:44 PST

In the photo she is posing in tiny panties, showing a bloody abrasion on the side.

“Still, I cut myself on the ice in the font in the”, — signed Volochkova photograph with the injury,” she wrote.

Не женское дело: полуголая Волочкова травмировала себя в ледяной купели (видео)

Despite the terrible look frosty bathing, subscribers to support their favorite, while complaining that the poor thing has to cut the ice for its white ruchenkah: “Molodeet, Anastasia! I Wish You Health!”, “Brrr! I was already a toothache from watching!”, “The horror, the cold!”, “Man, whether in the house? The axe works. And so barely alive”, “Not women’s business — led hack”, “That’s cool”.

But the former ballet dancer probably knows what he’s doing — after shown the “horrors” of subscribers to her page will probably be more — concludes the author. Besides this is another opportunity to show the emaciated figure in a bikini.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Anastasia Volochkova boasted grown daughter Ariadne.

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