Not shaken despite three murders

Not shaken despite three murders


The 26-year-old suspect who was shot Thursday morning by Montreal police seemed anything but shaken after he allegedly killed his third victim, according to an employee at the motel where he spent his last night.

Abdulla Shaikh would have landed in the small reception room of the Motel Pierre, on boulevard Marcel–Laurin, around 11:50 p.m. Wednesday.

“He looked very normal, with his lunch. He rented a room after giving his ID,” receptionist Lucie Lalli told the Journal. troubled. 

“He didn't appear anywhere on our [undesirable guest] lists,” added the employee, who denounces that citizens have questioned the security of the motel in the media.

About two hours earlier, the alleged murderer would have shot and killed his third victim, Alex Lévis-Crevier. His innocent family has since been plunged into a veritable ordeal.


“How can anyone think of doing this!? Someone you don't know,” protested Roxanne Crevier, the 22-year-old's sister, on her blog.

Recall that Abdulla Shaikh reportedly suffered from serious mental illness. 

Thus, it is difficult to know what state of mind he was in, says psychiatrist Gilles Chamberland. 

“If the patient thinks he did what he had to do, indeed can feel relieved,” explained the expert.

“The form that delirium can take goes beyond Hollywood,” he illustrated.

In all case, the murderous madness that would have won Abdulla Shaikh ended seven hours after his arrival at the Motel Pierre.

At the scene, Lucie Lalli noticed a strong police presence in the parking lot. 

“[The police] wanted to know where the occupants were in the vicinity [where the suspect was installed], argued Ms. Lalli. That's when I heard a boom. It was really strong. 

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