Not whales: scientists have named the creature that makes the loudest sound in the ocean (video)

Не киты: ученые назвали существо, которое издает самый громкий звук в океане (видео)

A team of scientists from Canada and Japan found that one of the loudest sounds in the ocean make not giant whales, and tiny marine worm with a length of 29 millimeters. According to a new study, which says the journal Science, that a tiny worm was the loudest creature in the ocean filled with whales, sharks and giant fish stocks, writes Medialeaks.

We are talking about the worm species Leocratides kimuraorum, whose length does not exceed 29 mm. These creatures were first discovered in 2017. They live inside sponges off the coast of Japan.

That these worms are able to produce very loud sounds, scientists only found out after delivered it to the lab. The team found that when these creatures fight among themselves, they pounce on each other with their “heads”.

While the worms emit a loud sound, resembling cotton champagne corks. Scientists were able to record the sounds of “fighting” with the help of special underwater equipment.

It is noteworthy that the worms make sounds only when fighting. The rest of the time they behaved silently, even when scientists tried to provoke them

Usually the creatures making these sounds, use any solid structure of his anatomy. For example, snapping shrimp produces a similar noise, fast closing clamps.

However, the worm L. kimuraorum was unique in this respect. Chitin had not. But he is able to create such a pressure in his body that the loud sound is made in a simple muscle contraction.

According to scientists, this is the first such documented case for underwater creatures with a soft body.

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