Notifications about alarms can now be removed through the add-on “Kyiv Digital” – KMDA

Alerts about broken anxiety can now be removed through the add-on "Kyiv Digital", CMDA— > Irina ALEKSIEVA, “FACTI” </p>
<p> Kiyani, who often smell the sounds of sirens, can receive notifications about alarms through “Kyiv Digital”. About this intercessor, the mayor of Kiev, Petro Olenich.</p>
<p> in App Store or Google Play.</p>
<p> Click on your profile icon.</p>
<p> Select «Alerts».</p>
<p> Please note all notifications and changes that smells are also allowed in the phone settings.</p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

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For sure, the Ministry of Health has published instructions on how to eliminate threats of chemical contamination.


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