Novosad explained the dissatisfaction with their wages

The head of the Ministry of education and science Anna Novosad explained his statement that considers their low wages 36 thousand.

Новосад объяснила недовольство своей заработной платой

The post with the explanation, she published in Facebook.

“I understand that the wording in my interview was unsuccessful. We still have a large gap in people’s incomes, this is important to be sensitive. But it is equally important to build a society where everyone can own knowledge, and honest work to achieve more,” the Minister wrote.

She noted that it takes the post not to have a large income, and to implement changes that the government announced at the beginning of the work.

Novosad wrote that one of the main tasks of the Cabinet is the increase of salaries of teachers and scholars. The Minister is not satisfied with how much you earn per month teachers (4 ths.) and educators with many years of experience (8 thousand UAH).

According to her, she understands that positive changes in the sphere of Ukrainian education and science should increase the salaries of working people.

The Novosad said that he supports the government’s position is that officials should receive a salary in accordance with the results of their work.