Now lives and looks like the actor who played the role of “Hercules”

How he lives and looks like Kevin Sorbo is the main hottie from “the Amazing journey of Hercules”.

Как сейчас живёт и выглядит актер, сыгравший роль «Геракла»

61-year-old Kevin Sorbo became widely known for his role as Hercules in the film series and the TV series about the mythical superhero.

The TV series “the Amazing journey of Hercules” was shot in New Zealand from 1995 to 1999. Hercules performed by Kevin Sorbo in the author’s interpretation of ancient Greek myths, however, the audience learned much earlier in the films “Hercules and the Amazon woman”, “Hercules and the lost Kingdom, Hercules and the circle of fire”, “Hercules in the underworld”, “Hercules and the maze of the Minotaur”.

Как сейчас живёт и выглядит актер, сыгравший роль «Геракла»

Kevin Sorbo also “stayed” in the TV series “Xena — warrior Princess”, and the voice of the cartoon “Hercules and Xena: Battle for Olympus” in 1998 he met his wife Sam Jenkins, the mother of his three children. Hercules his career is not over: from 2000 to 2005 he played the role of captain hunt in the sci-Fi series “Andromeda”.

In the TV series and movie he is shooting now — older-but-still bright artist.

Eldest son Kevin Sorbo the Linwood 18 years, average is 15, and daughter Octavia — 13. Besides show business, Kevin Sorbo is involved in charity work: he heads a non-profit organization “a World fit for kids!”, in which teenagers are trained to be mentors for kids.