Now people complain that Toronto is a few shops selling cannabis (PHOTOS)

Теперь люди жалуются, что в Торонто мало магазинов по продаже каннабиса (ФОТО)

More than a year after marijuana was officially legalized for recreational use in Canada, in the province of Ontario are only 24 licensed store.

For comparison: in Alberta, they 324… Of these 24 points in Toronto has five, while only one in calgary stores, there are 72.

Disgruntled producers, entrepreneurs and trading tips say that this is all due to how the government PC Doug Ford decided to distribute licenses for the retail sale of cannabis: through a lottery instead of quality assessment, and they are again sounding the alarm, hoping to open up the market.

“Our ability to continue to invest and support jobs that we have created, is seriously hampered by existing policy on retailing of cannabis in the province – said in a letter to Ford from the Council of canadian cannabis, trade organization consisting of the largest producers of CBD Oil UK, including Hexo, Aphria and Canopy.

“Premier Ford, residents of Ontario and their families working in the cannabis sector need your support to create retail outlets for products that they produce.”

They appealed to the Prime Minister due to the fact that stock prices and sales figures fall across the sector.

Advice on cannabis blamed for the fact that revenues for the third quarter was lower than expected on the basis of insufficient number of places for selling their products, at least partially.

Ironically, Ford, the government argued when introducing lottery system in 2018 that it is necessary to speed up the licensing because of supply shortages.

25 only legal sellers of marijuana received permission to open April 1, 2018. Was recently issued 42 licenses, but, nevertheless, in Ontario, the situation of overproduction, because the province has more than half of the 243 licensed manufacturers Canada.

“We know that [provincial government officials] try to ensure the openness of Ontario for business, and one way to achieve this is to province quickly removed restrictions on obtaining licenses for the retail sale of cannabis,” reads the Council’s statement on cannabis posted on Twitter on Thursday.