Nude Jolie graced the cover of French magazine

The star of “Maleficent” graced the cover of the October issue of Madame Figaro. So what, you say? The fact of the matter is that this time Angelina Jolie appeared without clothes.

Обнаженная Джоли украсила обложку французского журнала

44-year-old Angelina Jolie continues to be one of the most beautiful Actresses of Hollywood. Despite the numerous attacks of the press and criticism of Internet users (some are not satisfied with the excessive thinness of the actress, others blame her in the wrong upbringing of children, while others consider it a complex man with a difficult character), the star remains optimistic. And femininity, actually, too!

Jolie took time to recover after her divorce from pitt, but now she again and again proves that is in great shape, not only psychological.

5 Aug Angelina struck all sensual video starring half-naked, and in the end of the month star showed wasp waist and steep hips in a little black dress.

With the onset of autumn the talk about “new birth” actress has not ceased, but rather has only increased. 30 September world premiere of the film “Maleficent: mistress of the dark”, and Angelina managed to seduce fans of curvy figure in a dress with a Scorpion.

It seems that the star decided not to stop there. She posed for the cover of the October issue of the magazine Madame Figaro completely naked.

In pictures Angelina stood in the marble bath filled with milky blue water. Despite the fact that the actress had no clothes, netizens noticed not nudity Jolie. They riveted magnetic glance of the actress, who literally hypnotized.

Обнаженная Джоли украсила обложку французского журнала

“Goddess”, “Those eyes!”, “A real Queen,” commented the fans of Angelina Jolie.