Numb hands at night: what violations might be behind this?

Night numb hands can occur at any age. Its main cause are problems in the cervical spine, but also for numbness in hands at night, can stand and other disorders, for example heart disease.

Немеют руки по ночам: какие нарушения могут за этим стоять?

The most common reason for numb hands at night, are unfavorable processes in the cervical spine that may occur including in connection with long-term stress or improper neck position while working at a computer or using your smartphone. For this reason, with numbness of the hands today are increasingly faced by young people, even teenagers.

“Cervical spondylosis, osteochondrosis, hernia or protrusion of intervertebral discs of the cervical spine (especially when the pathological process is localized in the lower cervical segments) adversely affect the nerves of the spinal cord that go to the hand”, — reported in the publication.

As a rule, unpleasant sensation of numbness due to problems in the cervical spine occur in the right hand.

In addition, numbness of hands at night may indicate carpal tunnel syndrome, in which there is this compression of the nerves going to the hand in the wrist. This syndrome occurs when the hands for a long period of time is intense enough the same type of load. The numbness can capture the entire brush or part of it, sometimes there may be numbness of the fingers.

Also the numbness, which is felt only in the fingers, can be a indication of arthritis of the small joints.

The metabolic disorders – another possible reason why a person can feel numbness in hands after a night’s sleep. Such abuses are diabetes, kidney disease, liver, so in a sense, night numbness able to honk on the development of these diseases.

The numbness in hands can be a symptom of disorders in the cardiovascular system, from mild to very serious. So, it may indicate an increased level of blood pressure. In turn, numbness of the left arm can be a sign of possible heart disease such as angina or heart attack.

If numbness in the left hand occurs suddenly and persists for hours, it requires treatment to the doctor.

“Among other causes of discomfort in the hands, you can highlight incorrectly matched pillow or nefiziologichnoe the position of body and hands during sleep, atherosclerosis, lack of vitamins, alcohol and nicotine,” — added the experts.