Nurmagomedov admired the physical form of Mike Tyson: American is preparing to return to the ring (video)

Нурмагомедов восхитился физической формой Майка Тайсона: американец готовится к возвращению в ринг (видео)

Mike Tyson

One of the most recognizable boxers in history, former world champion in hevewae Mike Tyson is preparing to return to the ring for several charity fights – 53-year-old American wants to help the homeless and drug addicts.

Mike has posted a new training video to Twitter, showing incredible strength and speed of impact.

UFC lightweight Habib Nurmagomedov has delighted training videos of the legendary American.

“I can’t believe. It’s just another level,” he admired Tyson Habib in the comments under the entry.

The question remains: how many rounds will be enough American? In one no doubt comeback tank top will be bright.