Nutritionist called 6 rules for better weight loss

That speeds up the metabolism.

Many have heard about. that increased metabolism helps to be in shape and not recover, or can help to get rid of extra pounds. Of popular dietician and nutritionist Svetlana nikitchuk decided to look at his Instagram, is it possible to change the speed of the metabolism and how to achieve it.

Диетолог назвал 6 правил правильного похудения

“Metabolic rate or metabolism is the totality chemical reactions that allow the body to stay alive. This releases a kind of energy, measured in calories, and the body builds new molecules. To measure the speed of metabolism, unfortunately, impossible. But there are approximate formulas for the calculation of basic metabolism, such as Harris Benedict,” — said the expert.

She noted that the speed of the metabolism affects our health, figure and youth. The faster the metabolism, the is considered better for the body.

So what affects and speeds up the metabolism:


Do not make big breaks between meals. To be equally distributed meals in a day starting from the moment I woke up and the last meal three hours before bedtime.

Drink plenty of clean water

Water is an excellent catalyst, with it, all the processes are much faster.

Eat balanced

The balance of power supply components affects the metabolism. Especially, it affects the amount of protein in the diet.


In the dream produces many hormones that affect metabolism, such as the somatotropin — a growth hormone. He takes an active part in burning fat.

Physical activity

Well as accelerate metabolism. The more we move, the more calories you burn.

The amount of muscle mass

A well-known fact. The more muscles in the body, the more calories your body burns at rest, so you should try to do not focus on fat burning workouts and power

“These rules should be a way of life in order that you manage to keep yourself in good shape!” — concluded the nutritionist.