Nutritionist called affordable products for youth and beauty

Products for beauty and youthful skin you want to include in the menu for those who want longer keep a youthful appearance and stay healthy and energetic. For example, legumes and dishes from them – affordable and cost-effective option that Cremano everyone. I use able to prenesti Celica, beans and peas rich in healthy vegetable protein! On why legumes should be added to the diet of women after 30, as well as their cooking secrets shared in Instagram a dietitian-nutritionist Laura Filippov.

Диетолог назвала доступные продукты для красоты и молодости

Legumes — a source of vegetable protein, where it is, depending on species up to 40%. People closer to 40 it is important to shift the focus from meat to beans, it will help slow down the aging process: peas, beans, lentils, mung beans, chickpeas, soybeans.

How useful legumes for the body:

  • source of b vitamins and beneficial fiber
  • virtually fat-free product, but saturates well, so perfect for the diet
  • helps remove excess cholesterol
  • the antioxidants in the composition strengthens the protective functions of the body
  • have a high concentration of folic acid.

Before cooking be sure to soak beans, but can grow ( especially tasty mash). Orange lentils are the most tender and great for cooking soups.